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Want to get a new e reader. Would appreciate help and suggestions. Thanks
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Re: Best e reader

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@ChancesMom wrote:
Want to get a new e reader. Would appreciate help and suggestions. Thanks

ipad will let you read Kindle, Nook or your library ebooks



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Amazon Oasis is perfection.

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I have a couple of Kindle Paperwhites. They are lightweight and easy to use. I get all my books from the library and in 5 years have only wanted one that was not in Kindle format.

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I'd recommend the Kindle. I'm on my second Kindle, and the first one lasted over 6 years. I replaced it with another Kindle. I like that it's lightweight, great battery life, and I can take it anywhere. 

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I have a Kindle Oasis and I love it. Mine only has 8g but it’s no big deal as all of my books are under my Amazon account and accessible. The battery doesn’t last as long as my older Kindles but it still goes for about 5-7 days between charging and it does charge fast. I like the buttons for turning the page, it’s backlit so I can read in the dark, easier on the eyes when reading, and with wider edge on one side makes it easy to hold when reading. For me, the side buttons for turning are what sold me.

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I am following this, as I too am interested in a new e-reader.  I am interested in a kindle, but I have many, many books on my nook account, on my iPad app.   I wish I could load the nook app onto a kindle.  Does anyone know of a way this could possibly be done?   TIA! 

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I have a Kindle paper white. No complaints and I use daily.
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It depends on where you get your books from.  If you purchase most from Amazon, then a kindle would be a good choice. 


If you use Nook, or borrow from a library, then you might want an iPad or another android tablet. 


I switched from Samsung tablets to iPad a few years ago and love it.  

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I use mine only for free library books.


I like the paper white because it slips right into your purse.  The oasis is a little bigger and thicker.