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Any good suggestions on The Royal families?  

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This is not the Royal Family per say but I found Winston Churchill interesting and began with Clementine Churchill biography which I later donated. Oddly enough Cher said she was reading it and  made me  curious?


I like the books from someone close to the family like Lady in Waiting by Anne Glenconner or The Royal Nanny by Karen Harper.  They are outsiders but know what really goes on and reflect personalities in a different light. Lady Collin Campbell has written several. I read her Megan and Harry book and The Real Diana.  

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there are many 

depends who you want to know more about

Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsorexcellent

King Edward VIII: A Biographyalso good


of course Nicholas and Alexandra, the last Romanovs by Massie


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I am drawn to biographies in general, as well as having an interest in British history and the royal family.  I am presently reading “Prince Charles” by Sally Bedwell Smith.  It’s quite a comprehensive study of Charles and certainly worth reading.

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Re: Any good biographies?

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@Johnnyeager   Thanks!  Both those bios sound interesting and I've requested them from our library.


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Not the Royal families but I have read Laura Bush and Lady Bird Johnson's bios.  Very interesteing and informative.  History really does repeat itself!!  We are in tough times right now but we have been before and just need to come together and move on.