What Is Roku? FAQS

by on ‎12-08-2011 03:00 PM

What is Roku?

Roku is a small box that connects to your home Wi-Fi signal and streams over 300 channels to your television set. You connect the Roku to your TV through the included AV cables or HDMI cable. The only other connection you’ll need to make is plugging the Roku unit into a wall outlet.

What can I watch?

You’ll have access to more than 100,000 movies and TV shows. Things like sports, holiday classics, news programs, and your favorite television shows are just a click away. There are more than 300 channels to choose from, and the vast majority are free. Services like Netflix and Hulu Plus require a monthly subscription, but there's no monthly charge for the Roku device. Once you buy it, you own it. So if the only things you want to watch are the free Roku channels (there are more than 270 free channels with tons of good stuff), you’ll never have to pay for anything after you hook up your Roku.

Will this replace my cable?

Maybe, maybe not. Roku does not broadcast live channels like the major networks or QVC, so it won't replace cable for many people. If you want to watch it live, you’ll a need connection (like cable) to the networks. What Roku does do is let you watch many of those shows the next day without having to remember to record them. The Hulu Plus channel is a great way to do this for many of today’s favorite shows.

How much content can I download?

You’re not downloading anything. You’re streaming, and there's a big difference. If you were downloading a program, you would need storage space to hold onto this content. By streaming, you’re not saving your shows anywhere. You’re just watching them. They're available whenever you want them. You don’t have to save (and worry about losing) anything. If you want to watch it, simply stream it anytime. That's the advantage of having the Wi-Fi connection. So stream until your heart’s content!

Where will this fit into my life?

Here’s a good example. I’m currently redoing my basement, and I plan on putting a TV and a couple of couches down there. Since I already have cable and HBO in the family room, Roku is going to be a perfect fit for the basement TV. My girls will be able to stream their favorite movies off of Netflix, and I can watch hockey from around the continent on Roku's NHL channel. Plus, since we're paying for HBO through the cable box in the family room, my wife can stream all of her favorite HBO shows through the HBO GO channel on the Roku. Therefore, I won’t need another cable box sitting on top of the TV in the basement. If we want to watch QVC or a show currently running on one of the major networks, we can still do that on the TV upstairs. Roku does not provide everything your cable service does, but it's an awesome supplement to your current service. For some, it might be even better because there's no monthly fee for Roku.

If you have any other questions, please visit my Facebook page (Craig Smith QVC) or check out the Roku website.

—Craig Smith

by NANA5560
on ‎04-15-2016 12:14 PM

is there someone from roku that would stay on the phone and walk me through my setup- i'm a little old granny trying to be hip for the grandkids!!