We Heart Muk Luks!

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Around here, everyone is going nuts for Muk Luks! There's something about them that makes us just a little bit more excited for cooler weather. We spotted some QVC hosts and their families rocking their favorite Muk Luks boot slippers, scarves, hats and gloves. Say hello to cozy fall fun!  




[Shawn wearing Today's Special Value]



[Albany wearing the Gwen Lace-Up Knit Snow Boots]  


alberti muk luks.jpg

"Cozy on the couch with my puppies and a book = perfect staycation fall day!" -Alberti [Wearing MUK LUKS Men's Slippers]



[Rachel wearing Today's Special Value 3-in-1 set]




"Cozy & cocoa by the "fire" in our MUK LUKS!" -Jennifer  

[Jennifer is wearing the Classic Cable Knit Trapper Hat and matching gloves, and her daughter Gabby is wearing the Fold Over Boots]


"Our favorite thing to do in our MukLuks is...giggle!" -Sharon 

[Sharon's wearing Today's Special Value and her daughter wearing the Snowflake Knitted Faux-Fur Trapper Hat, Weather-Resistant Snowflake Gloves and Fold Over Boots]



"My favorite things to do in my Muk Luks is cheer on the boys looking stylish in the sidelines." - Stacey
[Stacey is wearing the TSV



[Kerstin is wearing the TSV]



"I don't know if it's the cute factor or the warm and cozy but I adore everything that Muk Luk brings to the Q! I had a chance to have Nikki try on some of our new styles and she loved them too! Look out cold winter we are looking cute and warm too!" - Pat

[Nikki is wearing the Flannel-Lined Gored Ankle Boots with Knit Cuff]



"Muk Luks are the ultimate in comfort, cute factor and gift giving!" -Mary Beth

[Mary Beth is wearing the Lattice Sweater Knit Calf Booties]



"Fashion meets function--the gloves are 2-in-1! You get gloves and a cuff, wear them together for extra warmth and style, or just the cuff for light coverage with the abiity to use your phone and gadgets. Plus everything is reversible. I'm sold!" -Leah 

[Leah is wearing the TSV]