Happy 45th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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My mom and dad are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary today. In celebration of this monumental event in our family, I’d love to tell you a little bit (a mere fraction) of the positive effect they have had on the world. They have taught all of us about respect, family, safety, love, and FUN!

Since they met, they have treated each other with respect. This may seem like something that should be a standard, but when you do it every single day, for more than 45 years, it changes the world. I have seen it being absorbed and shared by strangers, soldiers, other couples, young people, older people, people from other countries, and people that you thought could NEVER EVER change. It’s impossible to measure that amount of positive impact, but it has been huge.


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There is NOTHING more important than family. NO MATTER WHAT, they always have each other’s backs and ours. Nothing is more important than being there for each other: work, social opportunities, even their own health has always come second place to taking care of our family. My sister and I have always known they are right there next to us. Whenever anything fell apart in life, they would each say, “you know I can get there right now, right?” and we knew they would and usually did.

ALL are welcome. We moved and traveled a good bit of the world. We got to see similar and very different cultures alike. My parents ALWAYS welcomed everyone. No matter what our differences were with anyone we met, from anywhere we met them, they were just temporary unknowns. Something to be learned and embraced! That's selfless honor and it's inspiring.

Safety first, but FUN MOST. Growing up, we had one rule. It was, “Rule #1: Don’t die.” Sounds severe, but it makes sense. As kids, we were told, “as long as you don’t willingly put yourself in a situation to be in grave danger, we can fix EVERYTHING else.” In my family, we all still live by Rule #1 when it comes to safety. They always make sure each other (and all family) are home safe, arriving at a destination unscathed, or in an environment of awareness. Once that bit is on lock-down: BRING ON THE GOOD TIMES! They are two of the funniest people I have EVER met. Truly, we have all laughed together EVERY day! There’s always good food, great fun, and an abundance of LOVE.


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Their marriage has taught me kindness, respect, patience, not sweating the small stuff, and LOVE. It’s one day at a time and it has to be respectful: no matter what. Every single day, they tell each other “I love you”. They FILL the room with love and adoration wherever they are. There is warmth, kindness, and an abundance of love shared.

Every day I’m in awe of how lucky I am to know two people that adore each other like they do. I’m even more blown away that they’re my parents. I won some sort of heavenly lottery, for sure. It can be a tough world sometimes, but please know: there are really good people in it. These two are the best. One day I hope you get to meet them. You’ll be instant friends, hear some great stories, be fed some incredible cookies, receive warm hugs & smiles, and you’ll feel warm and fuzzy all over.


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It's a celebration! Please join us in wishing two extremely wonderful people, my folks, a very happy 45th wedding anniversary. And here’s to many more, you two love birds!!

Love you all the way to the moon.


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Mary, congratulations to your folks.  It is a beautiful thing to see a marriage endure all life tosses at it.  Without knowing them personally they have my utmost respect.  I also have to add that one of their greatest achievements has been the fine woman they raised... you.   

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Beautifully written, Mary!  You are blessed.  Thanks for sharing a great love story.  Congratulations to your parents!

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Best Wishes on your Special Day!! wIshing you many more healthy and happy ones!

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Your parents have a lot to celebrate including their daughter.

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hi mary,

congratulations, & all the best to your parents. wishing them another healthy & happy 45 years. as proud as you are of them, i'm sure they're as equally as proud of you. best wishes

to you & your family.

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That is so nice. In today's world, 45 years of marriage equals a lifetime. Hope they have many more years of marriage, togetherness and happiness.