Saying Goodbye to Our Farmhouse

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We kind of stopped counting after the eighth move, needless to say, the Lindquist family has called many, many places home. Each time we move in, we pour our heart and soul into making our space – whether it be big, small, boat or shack – all ours. We kind of think of ourselves as the low budget Chip and Joanna Gaines!  And now it’s time again.




Our old farmhouse we have adored for nearly four years is ready for a new, smaller family that can be a little gentler on it. Our girls have doubled in size in these ancient walls and now their heavy feet and dance parties are proving a bit too rough on the floors. We knew moving in that this wouldn’t be our forever home but it gave us four of the happiest years of our lives, and saw us through some of our biggest heartaches as a family.




Not bad for four years.


As we get ready to say goodbye I thought I’d show you some of the best pictures of our place. We did have to remove all the family pictures to get it ready to show but it still turned out homey and inviting. A huge shout out to Jane Denoble and her main squeeze T.J. for spending hours with us helping us hang art and stage the place.  They do this for a living when they aren’t at Q and they are amazing!!!!!



{Jane + T.J.}




Once we finally listed it we found out what we thought was 1,700 square feet was actually just over 1,100!  We even had my cousin living with us for a year when we first moved in.  We like living in close quarters but boy that is probably a little small now for a family of five, if we can help it.


The outside views:






{Gourdie loves sunabthing}






The Lower Level:








Our Kitchen:


LOVE my Ninja Coffee System!!






The Dining Room:


{You can find the Christmas Tree here >> Bethlehem Lights Tree on Clearance}








The Family Room:


{Some pieces you'll see in my family room are my favorite Berkshire Blankets, Duraflames, Tommy Bahama Rugs, Valerie Parr Hill Spheres and Lazy Boy Chair





The Upstairs:  Dan's Office + where we keep Ben's Clothing + Diapers, etc





Upstairs Bathroom:





Master Bedroom:





So what’s next?  We’re not sure really. We know the Lord will provide and put us where we are meant to be.  You won't find us moving into anyplace too grand, but that’s okay. We would love to find our “forever home,” but often we aren’t sure that’s something we will ever have.  


Maybe we are meant to move around and find the next adventure and raise our babies all over the world.  We do know we will continue to live close to QVC (no I am not leaving and I don’t plan to!) We also won’t be moving into any new construction any time soon, we just love houses with charm and character kind of like our crazy family. We don’t need huge, but 2,000 square feet would be a dream and a garage and a basement would make me so happy. 


A room for Ben would be nice, though he will continue to share with us for the first year as the pediatricians now recommend. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and you can bet as soon as we move there will be years of projects for hubby to work on and we will keep you updated along the way.


Wherever we end up we know it will be full of love. Home is truly where your heart is, and this place will always own a piece of our hearts.


God Bless!





-See you Wednesday, December 7th from 10pm-Midnight et for "the SHOP!!"


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What's the asking price?

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Kerstin,  Wishing you and your family the best for a very happy Christmas and New Year.  Your children are lovely.  Your farmhouse is beautiful and I am sure you and your husband will find another lovely older home to call home and make your own.  Thank you for sharing.  Cat Very Happy  P.S.  I especially love your dining room table and the chairs you selected and the bench.  Cat Very Happy

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I love reading your posts.  You are so sweet and honest about your feelings.  I am going to have to move from the house my late husband and I built.  It's 3,000 sq feet with a double garage on 1 acre and it's just me and my 2 cats!  But when I was reading your posts it reminded me about how I will feel when I move from here.  This is the house my husband died in.  It's going to be very difficult but it's too much to take care of.  I turn 70 this month so I'm not physically able to maintain it.  Anyway, I wish you lived in Northern Va, I'd sell you my house.  It's long been paid for so I'm more interested in selling it to someone who will love it the way we did.  When we sold our last house (38 years ago) we had the people write us a letter on why they wanted our house.  We had several bids and it wasn't about the money, it was about the people and how they'd care for the house.  I know if I sold it to you, it would be loved and cared for.  Take care you sweet lady.






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It's a beautiful home and property - you did a great job with it.  I would live there forever.  Smiley Happy

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Very pretty and cozy, but I can understand your need for a bigger place.  Much happiness in your new home.

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Your home is so warm and inviting, totally reflects your personality!  You truly made the house a home, as did your husband as I know he tackled many projects there from previous blogs!  It is bittersweet to leave a home, it becomes such a part of you and your family's hearts.  So many different milestones occur in our homes.  But families do grow and we want the best for our children, and we always need more space!  You will still celebrate so many more milestones in your new home, wherever that ends up being.

Good luck in your search for your next home; I'm sure it will be full of warmth and love, for a home is made by the family that lives in it!  I hope you'll share pictures with us when you find it!

And I just have to say, that family picture at the top of this blog just melts my heart...your expressions are so full of love, you can see it in each and every one of your and your family's faces!  


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Your home is gorgeous.  Thanks for sharing.  Best of luck on finding your new home.  Happy Holidays! 

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Kerstin,  Your hard work shows.  Best of Luck in your search for a new house.

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Best Wishes, Kerstin, as you pack up your memories there and make new ones!

Thanks for sharing.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with new beginnings!

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Beautiful, you are truly blessed...
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What a lovely family and such a beautiful warm welcoming home.  Best wishes to you and your family - and hoping you find the home you deserve.



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I don't ever contribute to comments on blogs but reading your story touched me in a very special way. You have a lovely family and you are very sincere about your devotion to them. I think it is the spiritual aspect of your life that is so endearing. I love the Lord and contribute every blessing in my life to His ever present Grace. Merry Christmas from my family to yours. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
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How beautiful----- I can feel the "happy" thru my computer !!!

Your home reflects you and that sweet family of yours !! And well....yes I am scoffing some decorating tips !!!!

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Oh and I think the Christmas Tree in the kitchen is truly inspired !!!!!!!!

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A real HOME, not just a house and for a REAL family.  The warmth and love you share shows thru in the pictures.

I can feel it without even knowing you.


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I like it so much!  Reminds me of a Scandinavian farmhouse-- clean, romantic, bucolic, charming and ethereal, all at the same time.


The very best to you and your lovely family as you venture on---  Godspeed!

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Cute house - it would be a good starter home for someone - you're like me, I love a home with character.  Nice that they staged it for you - they say remove clutter and personal items.  You'll find something you love in no time! 

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Kerstin, what a lovely, warm and cozy home you've made it.  You have a great philosophy on what a home really is.  Good for you.  Much luck in the next chapter of your family's life.  Keep us posted.

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where is this house listed a friend is looking for a place like this ... realtor name thansk 

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Awe! You have made that a lovely home and I'm sure you will do the same with the next one! Good luck to all 6 of you in your new adventure!! PS - so glad you're not leaving the Q!
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Love the farmhouse -  and Scandinavian feeling.   The yard is beautiful.    I'm wondering what the story is with the 4 Emmy Awards on the shelf.    Good luck with finding your "forever" home!  

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Oh my goodness, if I read correctly your home is around 1100 square feet?!?! The pictures make it look huge!!! Maybe the layout and the decor have a hand in that too, but it is absolutely beautiful and amazing!!!!! You have an absolutely beautiful family and are extremely blessed. When I read your story about the journey you took took to adopt your precious Ben, I cried, Happy tears. 😅


Our oldest son is Benjamen (yes, that is the way we spelled it), but of course once he began school he became "Ben". 😊 Which we expected and is totally fine, but he is always Benjamen to me & his dad. Yesterday (the 8th) was his 35th birthday. I said that to say this, enjoy every moment that you can with those little ones because before you know it they are grown....graduated from high school & college....married....a child of their own......and 35 yearly old!!!!!!!! Kirstin, I'm 55 yrs old....have four sons...ages 35, 34, 33 & 30.....they were babies just yesterday! We also have two precious precious grandsons ages 10 & 9......they were just born yesterday!!!! My dear sweet Dad always told me that the older you get the faster time passes......he was so right.


i pray you find your perfect forever home for you & your family and make a lifetime of memories there!!!! Wishing you all the best. Merry Christmas to you & your family from South Carolina.

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Your farmhouse is just adorable. All the best finding your next place to call home. It might not be a palace but it will be your castle because your family is there. That's what makes a place a home,the love a family brings.
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I like ur farmhouse, I also like the beach look! It looks bigger then 1000 sq ft! U have decorated nicely, and as u have said u are very clean! I love the striped rugs! I heard u have sold the house. Have u found a new place yet?? It's amazing 5 people lived there comfortably. It would be nice for all to have 2000 sq ft. Good luck on your new ❤️ Family home! Blessings and prayers to u❣
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What a beautiful family home. Natural, simple, warm, lived in and loved. No pretense here just like you.

Wishing you and your lovely family a new and exciting next chapter in your adventures together!

Life is an adventureSmiley Happy


Embrace the adventure and beautiful, unpredicatable, blessings it can bring!

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Kerstin:  I just love your spirit and what you both have done with your beautiful house.  I think you're right about being meant to move many places.  While laying down roots has its beauty and advantages, so does moving around and teaching your kids how to adjust or just watching them naturally learn to adjust.  It makes for some very valuable life skills, whether or not it's your intent.  I hope you five find the perfect next home for all of you.  It will present itself and you'll be even happier to have some room to grow and breathe.  Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family.  xo

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Kerstin, what a charming farmhouse you and your family shared and grew in many wonderful memories, I'm sure! Much love and happiness in your new home.. have a beautiful and blessed Christmas~Heart


PS~ I just adore that sign in your kitchen (wink-wink)Smiley WinkHeart



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Blessings to you and your wonderful family.