Saying Goodbye to Our Farmhouse

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We kind of stopped counting after the eighth move, needless to say, the Lindquist family has called many, many places home. Each time we move in, we pour our heart and soul into making our space – whether it be big, small, boat or shack – all ours. We kind of think of ourselves as the low budget Chip and Joanna Gaines!  And now it’s time again.




Our old farmhouse we have adored for nearly four years is ready for a new, smaller family that can be a little gentler on it. Our girls have doubled in size in these ancient walls and now their heavy feet and dance parties are proving a bit too rough on the floors. We knew moving in that this wouldn’t be our forever home but it gave us four of the happiest years of our lives, and saw us through some of our biggest heartaches as a family.




Not bad for four years.


As we get ready to say goodbye I thought I’d show you some of the best pictures of our place. We did have to remove all the family pictures to get it ready to show but it still turned out homey and inviting. A huge shout out to Jane Denoble and her main squeeze T.J. for spending hours with us helping us hang art and stage the place.  They do this for a living when they aren’t at Q and they are amazing!!!!!



{Jane + T.J.}




Once we finally listed it we found out what we thought was 1,700 square feet was actually just over 1,100!  We even had my cousin living with us for a year when we first moved in.  We like living in close quarters but boy that is probably a little small now for a family of five, if we can help it.


The outside views:






{Gourdie loves sunabthing}






The Lower Level:








Our Kitchen:


LOVE my Ninja Coffee System!!






The Dining Room:


{You can find the Christmas Tree here >> Bethlehem Lights Tree on Clearance}








The Family Room:


{Some pieces you'll see in my family room are my favorite Berkshire Blankets, Duraflames, Tommy Bahama Rugs, Valerie Parr Hill Spheres and Lazy Boy Chair





The Upstairs:  Dan's Office + where we keep Ben's Clothing + Diapers, etc





Upstairs Bathroom:





Master Bedroom:





So what’s next?  We’re not sure really. We know the Lord will provide and put us where we are meant to be.  You won't find us moving into anyplace too grand, but that’s okay. We would love to find our “forever home,” but often we aren’t sure that’s something we will ever have.  


Maybe we are meant to move around and find the next adventure and raise our babies all over the world.  We do know we will continue to live close to QVC (no I am not leaving and I don’t plan to!) We also won’t be moving into any new construction any time soon, we just love houses with charm and character kind of like our crazy family. We don’t need huge, but 2,000 square feet would be a dream and a garage and a basement would make me so happy. 


A room for Ben would be nice, though he will continue to share with us for the first year as the pediatricians now recommend. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and you can bet as soon as we move there will be years of projects for hubby to work on and we will keep you updated along the way.


Wherever we end up we know it will be full of love. Home is truly where your heart is, and this place will always own a piece of our hearts.


God Bless!





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