I'm Back!

by on ‎03-31-2015 11:54 AM

Hello, my Dear Friends!

I am so very excited to share with you that I am returning to QVC as Host.  It has been almost 4 1/2 years since I was a part of the QVC family and and I have missed you terribly! I have received the most amazing, warm welcome from the host team and everyone at QVC.

Gino, my husband, and I are transitioning back to Pennsylvania now. As soon as all is settled, I'll see you on the air.

Until then, much love and keep smiling!!!  {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}


P.S.  My official QVC Facbook Page is now live!  Find me here at Lisa Mason QVC.  So be on the look out for that!   AND my first on-air date will be with the amazing Jane Treacy during a 2hr Discover Diamonique Show at 4pm ET on Monday, April 13th.  Hope you all can join me!  


Take a look at the past couple of weeks as I have reconnected with so many of the amazing Hosts and Vendors from my QVC Family!

{Mary Beth and I...She was my mentor when I began at QVC 20 years ago and she is my mentor again this time!}

"Don’t you just love seeing a long lost friend you haven’t seen in a long time?  That’s why I’m so glad Lisa Mason is back as a QVC host!  After a decade and a half of shopping with Lisa, falling in love with her sweet southern accent and her charming sense of humor, she wanted to branch out and try other things.  We all understood, so she moved on about 5 years ago.  She wrote a book, dabbled in real estate, did infomercials and was even a guest on QVC with Supersmile (one of my favorite products), and now we needed her back!

It’s like riding a bike…you never forget how.  She will jump right in and take you shopping, and I’m sure you will enjoy her, laugh with her laugh, and fall in love with her, “Sugar”…”you sweet thing”…  But also know that she knows her stuff.  She knows the products inside and out, and she especially excels with jewelry, beauty, fashions, accessories as well as home goods.  Cooking?  I’ll find out from Gino, her husband!  Welcome back, Lisa!" -Mary Beth Roe, Program Host


{Carloyn, me and Dan

"We are all so thrilled to have our girl Lisa Mason back in the building! We have missed her as much as our viewers have. What's the story, morning glory? The word, hummingbird, is...that Lisa is back home and we are ready to have some fun! Woo Hoo!!"  -Carolyn Gracie, Program Host

"Sugar, I am so happy to have you back on the host team.  You are a dear friend!!!" -Dan Wheeler, Program Host


{Doris, Adrienne and me}

"I am beyond thrilled to see that smiling face and hear that Southern twang from my dear friend Lisa rambling through the halls of QVC again!" -Doris (Doll 10 Beauty)

"I can not wait Lisa, to have you back at QVC. We used to laugh and had so much fun in the Green Room while waiting for our turn to go on!"  -Adrienne (Dr. Denese)

{Sandra, Jayne, me, Lori Pickford and Amy Scaglionne}

"I haven’t been called ‘Sugar’ in a long time so you know I couldn't wait to give Lisa Mason a big hug and hear her call me her favorite term of endearment! Seriously, I have always had a lot of respect for Lisa and I’ve so enjoyed our friendship over the years. We were texting and talking on the phone back when she first decided to come back, but a couple of weeks ago, a couple of us got together to have dinner with Lisa. We wanted to welcome her in person. It was like she never had left! We laughed, we shed a few tears, and we gave thanks that her journey has brought her back to our team. Lisa’s life has been changed quite a bit since she hosted her last show here. However, as you would expect from Lisa, she is returning even stronger and more grateful for life’s blessings. I’m so thrilled she has returned!” -Sandra Bennett, Program Host

"My dear friend Lisa Mason is back at the "Q" as a Program Host!!  A few friends got together to welcome her home and catch up on all the things happening in her life.  Join me in welcoming out little "sugar" (said with a southern accent)! -Jayne Brown, Program Host


{Alberti and me}

"I met Lisa when she and I were on-air guests at QVC.   She was an amazing source of advice when I was going through my audition to be a QVC host.  She fully supported my decision and encouraged me to follow my heart." -Alberti Popaj, Program Host   


{Valerie Parr Hill and me}

{Dan and me}

{David and me}

{Sharon, me and Carolyn Pollack}

{Laura Gellar and me}

{Meghan Murray and me}

{Rachel and me}

“Welcome Lisa! We’re delighted to have you (back) on the team! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}" -Rachel Boesing, Progam Host

{Kathleen Kirkwood and me}

{Nancy and me}

"Lisa, I am so excited that you are back!! Welcome Smiley Happy" -Nancy Hornback, Program Host

"Lisa, I am thrilled to have you on the team! Even in the short time I have know you I can say your kindness and humbleness have made me adore you. I can't wait to work with you! Welcome back!" -Kerstin Lindquist, Program Host (not pictured)

"Lisa, welcome back to QVC.  I know you have been greatly missed.  I can't wait to work together.  Maybe some of that infectious southern charm of yours will rub off a little on me!" -Stacey Stauffer, Program Host (not pictured)

"Lisa and I both began our careers at QVC back in the Stone Age (wait, were we in ‘Black and White back’ then)? We were in  our small Studio, with our famous “Revolving Set”, reading  product manuals at 3AM  while trying to figure out how to “set the clock” on the JVC VCR. I still haven’t figured it out! Welcome back Lisa!!"  -Rick Domeier, Program Host  (not pictured)


See you all on on-air soon!

Until then, much love and keep smiling!!!  


by DP7
on ‎06-19-2015 01:21 PM

OMG Lisa!!!!!


I know, now, after looking at an e-mail from QVC about something today - that you are BACK!!!!!!!


I have not been watching like I used to - I shopped way to much for awhile and had to dial it back in a serious way - but I have missed you like you can't believe and am thrilled to know you are back.  SOOOOO many times I have thought to myself, "If Lisa were there I don't think things would be like this."  No one can sell Diamonique like you can girl - and no one did sell me any after you left - so - welcome back and I will be back too to watch your shows and hear your sweet voice again.


This news has made my day!


D.P. in Rockville, MD