philosophy super-size 4-piece fragrance layering collection & satin body sponge

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At philosophy we inspire women to look, live and feel their best. We believe that fragrance should lift your mood and inspire a sense of well-being with clean, wearable fragrances. We bring you this luxuriously scented four-piece super-size fragrance layering experience  as a Today’s Special Value, covering your cleansing, moisturizing and scenting from head to toe. This full body collection will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and scented in your choice of Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, Falling in Love or Unconditional Love. This is our biggest fragrance Today’s Special Value ever, all at a value you won’t want to miss!


Philosophy TSV set

Here is what the Philosophy experts Dara, Mari Lyn and Heidi want to share with you about this super-sized Today’s Special Value.

Mari Lyn

Mari Lyn Meier:  This Today’s Special Value is one of my favorites because it has everything you need to extend the life of your fragrance all day long.  Philosophy fragrances challenge the notion that fragrance needs to be overwhelming to be noticed.  Our grace and love stories invite people to get closer and share the scent.  They are sheer, light, and full of emotion.   The choice is easy because there is not a bad egg in the basket. 

I’ll make it easier for you…

If you like soft florals and want to boost your confidence and feel pretty – choose Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Philosophy Set

If you like soap and water clean scents and the idea of something uncomplicated, but fresh – choose Pure Grace

Pure Grace Philosophy Set

If you like romantic blends of fruit and vanilla and the feeling of falling in love – choose Falling in Love

Falling in Love philosophy set

If you like something a little more spirited, but well-rounded with berries, florals and cashmere and you feel flirty and soulful – choose Unconditional Love.

 Unconditional Love philosophy set

Head to toe, day to night – this Today’s Special Value will not disappoint you.  We deliver our most beautiful fragrances and sneak in the advanced skincare.  Imagine feeling proud to show off that spring skin because you are clean, exfoliated, hydrated and scented….all day long. 


headshot of Heidi

Heidi Guest: 

I always love offering our signature bath and body experience to Philosophy fans, new and old.  For all of us, bathing is a practical ritual in our day.  To take this from a necessity to a luxurious experience is something that I am always delighted to bring to others.  To infuse the day with a little more joy, a little more pampering, while providing best in class care for your body skin and hair, is a wonderful lifestyle option to offer others.   

Each fragrance we are featuring in this collection evokes a mood.  We always say “change your mood; change your fragrance.”   We are offering a complete fragrance wardrobe to choose from.  Often I select a Philosophy fragrance to match my mood or, perhaps, to evoke an emotion that i want to feel.  Most days, I am an Amazing Grace girl.  I love the clean scent mixed with a light hint of floral. Immediately, I feel feminine and classically beautiful, no matter what I am wearing.  On especially busy or complicated days, I reach for Pure Grace.  I love the soap and water clean and how it makes me feel active, refreshed, and crisp. Fragrance has a powerful effect on our well-being and I love that each product not only offers a prestige body treatment experience but also that each is infused with fragrances that whisper and don’t shout: scents that draw people closer to you.

I love this particular TSV collection because it features the products our QVC customers ask for most.  I know they will be excited to see every item because each, on its own, is a favorite.  When they are placed together, it is pure heaven.  I also like that we are providing a complete layering experience and that each person can decide when and how they want to use their four piece collection.  For example, I rely on the 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath every day, always as my morning wake up call, and, as often as I can, as a luxurious, relaxing bath of bubbles at night.   This is the philosophy product I cannot do without. 

I adore using it with the satin body puff included in the collection because it does a beautiful job of creating pampering suds in the shower.  I even use the shower gel on my fine washables.  The scents are so clean and the formulas are so gentle.  People are always saying, “You smell so good.”  It’s the best compliment ever.  About 4x a week, I use the olive oil body scrub for a more thorough exfoliation treatment.  Skin emerges from the shower or the bath smooth and super soft, like I’ve been to a spa and had a salt scrub.  I am beyond in love with the whipped body crème and find myself putting this on directly after the shower every morning. I also keep a tub on my nightstand as part of my nighttime relaxation ritual.  My skin looks so healthy and glowing that there is no way that I would skip a day.  And the eau de parfum scent tops it all off.  I personally love eau de parfums because they provide the most long-lasting fragrance. When they are layered over clean, hydrated skin, you get the truest scent too. 

You are simply going to love our supersize 4 piece layering experience.   The hardest choice is to decide which scent to choose!  The truth is that you cannot go wrong with any of them.  For most of us at Philosophy, we use at least one or two.  These scents mix incredibly well.  I frequently mix Amazing and Pure Grace products to create my own custom scent.


Headshot of Dara

Dara Lynn:  I want to share my personal story on fragrance.  I love fragrance; I have always loved fragrance since I was a little girl.  I love to look at the bottles. I loved having a tray of fragrances to select from.  I would select based on my mood or outfit.  I was very heavy handed with fragrance in my younger years and look back now with a bit of embarrassment on how much fragrance I wore and must have been one of those people who left a fragrance calling card.  Funnily enough I never could smell it on myself. 

Fast forward years later to when I started working for Philosophy.  Our fragrances are designed to be clean, soft, and easy to be around.  It was a totally different approach to fragrance.  They were whispers not shouts.  When I started using the fragrances, I liked them because I think I always admired fragrance and I believe in Philosophy and wanted to represent all things Philosophy. As time with the company went on, I grew to love the fragrances in a different way than I ever had in the past.  Typically, before Philosophy, I would pick up the latest and most popular fragrance and use a bottle of it and move on to another and then another.  I rarely repurchased any of the same fragrance.  It was the opposite with the fragrances at Philosophy.  I would see my shower gel getting low and I would immediately reorder. If I was on a trip and forgot my fragrance I did not feel the same. 

So when I look back now as Philosophy turns 19, I have been using our fragrances for 18 of the years that I have been here.  I truly rely on these fragrances to make my skin look beautiful and scent myself with lovely clean easy to be around fragrances.  It is a rare thing with products especially in beauty that you can say you have loved and have relied on the same fragrances for almost two decades.  Now the fragrances are a part of me.  I do mix them and change them up, and have my favorites of course.  However, one thing is for sure: I am never without them.  These fragrances always get it right.  On my most important days or my most casual days I reach for them to complete how I feel.  They make me feel beautiful, they smell clean and they never impose on another person.  When I need calming they are there for me, when I need a burst of energy they are there for me, when I am looking forward to an occasion, they are there for me.  They have become a part of my life in a way I never imagined.  They are as much a beauty tool for me as my makeup brushes or my purity made simple or hope in a jar.  I use them to enhance my life and when I choose a fragrance, I want to know the others around me enjoy it too.  Even after all of these years when someone stops me and says "you smell so good," I still feel the same way I did when I heard it for the first time all those years ago when I fell in love with Philosophy fragrance. 

One of my favorite topics about Philosophy is fragrance and mood and how it makes you feel.  Fragrance by Philosophy is the first stepping stone to connecting with feeling beautiful.  Very often when we give a consultation to introduce someone to Philosophy we always include fragrance in the conversation as a starting point. How you scent your skin is key to how you feel.  We talk about our fragrances being worn very close to the skin. What that translates to is fragrance that is very easy to be around.  People might not even detect it as fragrance, but they do know that you smell so good. In a hectic world with so much going on, wearing a clean, easy to be around fragrance is very grounding.  These products give you fabulous looking skin and fabulously scented skin.  You start the layering process in the tub or shower with mounds of cleansing bubbles from the gel.  You can polish and scent your skin with the olive oil body scrub, a totally unique item to Philosophy.  Dive into a tub of whipped body crème that is rich in texture and melts into the skin quickly and absorbs, hydrates and scents you in the fragrance of your choice. Final step, spray on the EDP spray in your choice.  Our highest concentration of fragrance carries you through your days and evenings.  Why not have the best looking and the best fragranced skin around?   

Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for full body scenting…

  • In a hurry? Mix a pump of your shower gel and a pump of your olive oil body scrub together to combine your bubbles and olive oil in one speedy quick-spa! 

  • Need a deep body polish?  Use your olive oil body scrub on dry skin before you step into the tub or shower, a deeper polish used this way.

  • Overnight mani and pedi? Use your whipped body crème on your hands and feet and sleep in socks and a pair of cotton gloves.  You can even do this trick while watching TV or reading a book. It works wonders to deeply moisturizer your dry feet and cuticle beds.  I do this trick in between shows on QVC so my hands and feet stay super hydrated and deeply moisturized.

  • Reverse scenting? What is that? I have often used my spray fragrances or body spritzes first before I layer on the whipped body crème.  I get a different "lock" on the fragrance and I love the staying power I get by using it this way.  After the tub or shower, I spray on a generous amount of the fragrance and then top off to "lock" my fragrance on to the skin with the whipped body crème.  It is not the traditional way of finishing with fragrance but it works for me and I love how it lasts on my skin! 

  • Did you say easy sachet for home and away?  I love to take a cotton ball and spray it with fragrance and then tuck the cotton ball into my pajama drawer.  Every night when I reach for my p.j's they are scented and smell so clean and fresh.  I also tuck the spritzed cotton balls in my suitcases when I travel, makes me feel like I am at home.


With grace, love and gratitude,