Host Trivia - Round 2

by on ‎09-10-2012 03:37 PM

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a couple of months since my last post. Happy to report that all is well and buzzing at the Q. Can you believe that summer has come and gone? We’ve already had two Christmas events and there will be plenty more to come!

I’m sure you’ll appreciate this. Every once in a while I get an email from my Mom (who will definitely read this blog) that has just a few words. Here’s the last one:

“V30648. $36.75.  A Christmas gift for me!  It's a neck/shoulder heating pad Xoxo”

Clearly I ordered it that very moment. Shout out to Jayne Brown for making my Mom NEED this heating pad Smiley Happy  I’m probably going to be checking with some of the other hosts for ideas of what else to get my Mom (and Dad for that matter). Sometimes it’s nice to be surprised and indulged. The heating pad is great but I don’t think it fits those criteria.

I digress. Okay so you may remember the last time I wrote, we played a little host trivia. I’m lucky enough to work closely with the QVC host team. They are all such interesting and talented people and there is so much more to them than what you see on TV.

In honor of the upcoming Day of Host Favorites on September 20th, I thought we could do another round. Leave your guesses in the comments and I’ll write back next week with the answers.


___________ went to high school with Will Ferrell & college with Brad Pitt.

____________ is learning to speak and read Mandarin. 

_____________ loves horseback riding.

_____________ climbed Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

___________ is a minister and performed Sandra Bennett’s wedding.

_____________ was the captain of the debate team in high school.

_________________ & ______________ have daughters who started kindergarten this year. 

________________’s middle name is Joan.

____________ once sang a duet with Pink in a karaoke bar.


Check back next week and I’ll have the answers. Guess Away!

  1. Rick Domeier

  2. Jennifer Coffey

  3. Amy Stran

  4. Antonella Nester

  5. Jacque Gonzales

  6. Dave James

  7. Dan Hughes

  8. Sharon Faetsch

  9. Jill Bauer

  10. Sandra Bennett