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Well, I am fresh off the plane from my twelve day extravaganze in Italy and I don't mind saying...I'm a little devastated to be back. I think my bones run 'old and European' because I always feel so lit up inside when I'm there. And getting on the plane to come home feels like being ripped from the arms of a mother. (Ok, perhaps that's a little overly dramatic but gelato, homemade pasta, and fragrant dark green olive oil, will kinda do that to you.) If you havent been following me on FB, wanted to share some photos from the trip. See below. It's absurd how many I have. Made a 20min video slideshow of them all, set to music. Didn't occur to me until later, that you can't email a 20min long video bc the file is ginormous. Also didn't occur to me that nobody but myself and my BFF who went on this trip of a lifetime, probably wants to sit through a 20min long video. Oh well. It makes me happy...

Highlights of the trip include: the best fat spaghetti pasta, called "Picci" (Why do they not sell this in the US, or do I just live under a rock?) It came with the most sinful mushroom sauce; ambling through tiny narrow cobblestone alleys in Positano; speaking Italian everywhere I went, including my favorite phrases, "Dove il bagno?" and "Il conto perfavore" ("where's the bathroom", "the check please"). I rode 1950's basket bikes through Florence while holding a dripping gelato. I climbed the almost 500 steps to the top of the famed Duomo, and then nearly started crying given my fear of heights. I drank Tuscan wine, Limoncello, and marveled at the churches that have a way of melting your heart and soul. I studied the David for what seemed like hours, trying to figure out how the heck Michaelangelo sculpted it. I splurged on 10 Murano glass drinking glasses as my "happy birthday to me" gift...and then fretted over one of them breaking in shipment. And I had the most remarkable view of the Arno river from my hotel room. The sound of VESPA mopeds buzzing up and down Florence's age old streets made me yearn to be Italian so I didn't have to come home. I think I may name my 'someday' child, Marcello or Flavia. (By the way, if you are planning to travel, can I highly recommend a set of HEYS luggage. Both my travel partners had a set too. My bags would never have survived the trip (and the bottles of Limoncello and olive oil would never have made it home intact) had it not been for hardsided luggage. Oh, and since identity theft and scamming is ripe abroad, I used H177224 to store my credit cards in my purse.) BTW, if you can't get to Europe/Italy, I also highly recommend getting a bottle of Laudemio brand green olive oil. It is Italy's liquid gold. Just close your eyes, dunk in it a piece of crusty bread, and pretend to be sitting in the Piazza of your choice.

Ok, that is nice to be back, don't get me wrong. I adore Fall. It's my fav season. I can't wait to decorate with pumpkins and Indian corn and apple spice candles. I can't wait for the first crisp in the air and to run my fireplace non stop. And I adore every last harvest festival and Thanksgiving special, most notably of course, Charlie Brown. Plus the Sloane paintings are finally finished (see below) and I'm just about to ship 'em to the little princess for hanging in her new Nashville bedroom.

Update on a few things: Big Isaac item launches are upon us. You've probably already seen his premium new couture line of leather bags on QVC called "Bridgehampton". They have sold out every Monday in the Isaac shows. His new line of pants, which I helped to consult on for fit and style, called ICON, are debuting Monday night 9/10. There are two fit styles, on called Grace (inspired by Grace Kelly) and one called Marilyn (inspired by Marilyn Monroe).  Be sure to check out the Isaac shop on to learn more but in a word, the new line is divine. Finally, Isaac has his only audience show of the entire year, Monday 9/10. I'm afraid the free tickets "sold out" within minutes of their availability but if you can't attend, I encourage you to watch. During that show, we are going to share with you Isaac's new signature fragrance. It's gonna be fun.

Have been watching Downton Abbey and am fully addicted and cannot wait for Season 3 in January. Do you watch it? Mr Bates, Lord Grantham, Michael and Mary...ugh, I started watching on the plane to I'm hooked. If I can't be Italian, I would be more than glad to be English. I'm really not picky, people.

In other news, have already begun Christmas shopping (because I am painfully OCD) and here's the scoop - I can't name names but am gifting K37026 to a few people; Dooney A228210 in orange to somebody; Orthaheel has a pair of darling new slippers (TSV) in colors and prints I consulted on, coming up in December so a pair of those are on my list for someone with cold winter feet; and speaking of feet, selfishly, I want A320337. Mineetonka fringe boots. Killer. They were part of a big promo shoot for our last Fall fashion day and I'm in love with them. (OH and my doctors are all getting Cheryls cookies...)

Ok friends, I hope you are all well, had fabulous summers, and are in for some lovely fun and surprises this fall. Wishing you all well, glad to have you riding shotgun with me on this blog, and I'll see you on the Q soon. (In fact, running late as we speak for my DELL and bethlehem lights shows. Yikes)

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