Chicken Verde Tacos

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For my 40th birthday my husband and I celebrated with a dream vacation ton Cabo San Lucas.  I love authentic Mexican cuisine and while the beautiful resort where we stayed had incredible food, the most amazing dishes we found were off property, in town, at the very small, family owned restaurants. 


One of the most memorable dishes we had was anything but fancy.  Just a great chicken taco made with minimal ingredients and lots of pride.  The wonderful couple who ran the restaurant shared with me how to do it at home.  It’s super easy and is always a mainstay for Taco Tuesday! 





(Serves 4-6)

8 tomatillos, husks removed

2-3 Poblano peppers

Half medium sweet onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

Cilantro, washed thoroughly 

3-4 Tb Canola or Olive Oil



1 pkg soft Corn Tortillas (you can also use soft flour tortillas, if preferred)

1 roasted chicken (I use store bought rotisserie chicken because its super easy)

1-2 Tb Granulated Sugar





1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Arrange tomatillos on a tray and roast for about 15 minutes.  Remove and let cool.


2. Turn up oven to 475 degrees.  Put poblanos on foiled lined baking sheet and roast until skins turn bubbling and partly black.  (You can also do this on a grill). Once charred, remove peppers from oven and let cool.  When cooled, peel off skins, remove stems and seeds.  *(If you like spicier food, leave seeds on peppers)






3.  In a small pan, sauté chopped onion and garlic in enough oil so the garlic does not burn, about 3 TB.  Sauté until onions are softened and slightly translucent.  Remove from heat and combine the tomatillos, poblano peppers and the onion and garlic mixture (oil included) into a blender and throw in a handful of cilantro.  Add salt and pepper to taste and 1 Tb of sugar to balance the bitterness of the tomatillos.  Blend until smooth. (Taste after blending, if still slightly bitter add more sugar to taste. 










4.  Meanwhile, take chicken, remove skin and break up meat into shredded pieces.  Make sure no bones get in.  Put the shredded chicken into pan used to sauté onions and garlic, pour verde sauce over top and heat on medium-low heat until warmed through. 




Heat tortillas by package directions.  Fill each with chicken verde mixture.  Eat as is, like it was served in the restaurant OR you can add your favorite toppings like hot sauce, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes or lettuce. 





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Stacey happy birthday and thanks got the great recipe.I will try this out soon.i wonder if another cheat besides the chicken could be frozen roasted tomatillos and peppers.I think I have seen them at TJs.

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Exactly as we used to make them when I was growing up!!  So good.....

by fieldofflowers
on ‎03-09-2017 03:36 AM

Thank you Stacey for this great recipe. I love mexican food and easy recipes.This is so simple to make. I can see using this "sauce" on other types of meat besides chicken. Fish, beef and pork would also be delicious. The possibilities are endless. Thanks again and all the best to you and your family.

by BetJ
on ‎06-01-2017 03:49 PM

Thanks Stacey for this wonderful sounding recipe! I love Mexican food and grew up on it as my Mom

went to college in New Mexico.  While she was there she learned to make authentic Mexican

dishes.   Happy "belated" Birthday and I hope that you had a great time on your trip!

on ‎01-02-2018 07:48 AM

Reading your blog Stacey an d found this recipe from back in March 2017. Sounds great, right up our alley. DH & I love mexican food and eat it often in various degrees of yumm-i-ness. Thanks for sharing this one! Happy 2018 too to you and your family!