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A little background - I am a person who is not comfortable with the idea of wearing fur. Leather is okay, because the meat of the animal is used to feed people, but fur is killing an animal just for vanity, if you know what I mean. On top of that, my style is very laid back and soft; I wear mostly solid colors, maybe stripes and florals sometimes. I am a natural with slight romantic leaning, which is my style type. If you were to ask me what the one pattern was I just cannot stand, it's jungle print - leopard, zebra, giraffe, etc. because it looks like the fur I would loathe to wear and it's just not for my coloring and style.

So, I guess you know where this is going. My boyfriend in college came over to spend our first Christmas morning with our family. I unwrapped a big gift from him, and it was a big caftan with a leopard print. He knew immediately from my expression I didn't - really didn't like it. (I can't help it - to this day I'm an open book. I'd make the world's worst con.) But he looked so down, I just started raving about it and ran to put it on and came out and modeled it. It was warm and cozy, great for cold Winter mornings, and heck, we were poor back then, so I kept the thing until I wore it out. But I secretly hated the ugly thing. The boyfriend? We ended up marrying other people, and we are still good friends and do stay in touch, although we live far apart.

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It as an obvious re-gift that I had no use for.

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Everything I received from my MIL. Cheap plastic trays from a yard sale. A sweater from Walmart that was 3 sizes too small. Assorted (ugly) what-nots from yard sales.

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It wasn't for Christmas, but a wedding gift an aunt of my husband gave us . . . two dishtowels.

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This is a fun thread.

My worst was when I was in high school. I had been asking my parents for an inexpensive stereo for several years (they could easily afford it). One year, a big present for me appeared under the tree. I was sure that they had bought me the longed-for stereo. I even told my friends I thought I was getting one. When we opened presents I saved that one for last, I was so excited. It turned out to be a clothes hamper. I didn't get anything else of note, just a clothes hamper. Then my parents laughed at me and told me that I no longer had an excuse for having a messy bedroom. I was disappointed and humiliated at the same time. ~ sigh ~

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I never get bad presents. I always give my daughter and grand kids a list and they do the same for me. On the other hand, their other grandparents give them the followingSmiley Tongueost-it pads, small boxes of Kleenex, pencils and a candy bar. Mind you, these people are not poor. My grandchildren are 16 and 30 and they really had no use for these items. But at least they remembered them at Christmas.

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My mother in law would be me what she got for her daughter and what she wanted I got.

I have different tastes than her daughter so what I would receive for Christmas from her I never really liked.

One year it was porcelain angels for her daughter'

s angel collection. I don't like knick knacks.

Another year it was a finger nail polish drier. I do not wear nail polish.

I always felt bad she didn't shop for me personally.

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My husband of 6 weeks gave me a shop vac.

Never forgot it, and neither did he!

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My husband of 1 year gave me a canister vac. I was shocked, so much for love & the spirit of giving. I refused to use it and we have been married for 50 years.{#emotions_dlg.wub}