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IMO, it comes down to a matter of preference combined with budget.  In the past, natural bristles were all the rage, but now that more people want cruelty free synthetic have gotten more common.  There are traditional styled brushes but in recent years brushes with all the bristles on one side (Artis and dupes) have gained a following.  Brand wise, IT Cosmetics makes nice brushes, but they're really pricey on their own. The Real Techniques brand is very nice and has a good variety in both the traditional style brush and the side oriented style.  Morphe are nice too, and not expensive. E.L.F. brushes work pretty well and they are very inexpensive.  

Yes to all of this!


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I dumped my brushes some time ago, and bought several (understatement) Sedona Lace synthetic brushes. I love them, and they look like new.


I much prefer synthetic because the brushes don't absorb product, and they wash easily and dry quickly.


Highly recommend.

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I prefer synthetic brushes because I hate natural hair brushes that shed or break hairs. Plus synthetic brushes are also cruelty free, well most brands.

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@goldensrbest   Real Techniques makes excellent brushes at a reasonable price.  I purchased a 3 piece set from ULTA.  You can also find online at other companies.  Very soft yet durable.  Wash nicely.  Cat Happy

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Re: make up brushes

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I own a few different brands of brushes. All have synthetic bristles. Depending on the type of brush I need for the task at hand, I have researched them out and found the ones I use to be best for my liking and pocketbook. Some of the better, affordable ones are the e.l.f. and Real Techniques brushes. One of my all-time faves is a flat buki brush made by Honeybee Gardens...they make organic cosmetics but I like their brush most of all. Another good brand is EcoTools.

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What few i have are losing their hairs.

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Another vote for Real Technique brushes. 

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@goldensrbest .. I would recommend MAC, IT, or Sigma Brushes.  

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@goldensrbestI love and have used "Jane Iredale's" brushes for years. Yes, the price is high but will last a long time.

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I like the Iredale brushes too.  ELF and Eve Pearl are nice.


TJ Max carries Real Techniques and Echo Tools, fyi.