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What a breath of fresh air! I love Vanessa! She’s great on Shawn’s Dare to Share and when she’s hosting her own shows. She’s very natural and the thing I love most is how much she laughs - it just makes me happy watching her! Go girl go!
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@SantaFe64gal  - I also enjoy her personality and laugh.  Her smile lights up a room.  Very attractive too.

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I so agree.  Vanessa is a breath of fresh air at QVC.  She is so lovely and professional.  I don’t watch much anymore because of the silly and somewhat frantic antics of some hosts.  

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I also think Vanessa is wonderful.


It was a treat to see her early morning shows repeated this morning before the 7am live programming.  Usually the 3am to 7am shows are repeats of the TSV show from midnight.  Perhaps it was a programming glitch, but much appeciated QVC!

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When they are on together you immediately see the distinction between the two in all areas including one has clean looking neatly done hair, no harshly overdone makeup, dressed nicely for tv presentations and a professional demeanor. 

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ITA, she is doing a great job!

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Vanessa is a lovely, beautiful woman with poise and personality.  I, too, enjoy her laughter and professionalism.  She is a wonderful addition to the Q.

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I love Vanessa too! #TeamVanessa #GoBoostHerIG

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She gets lots of compliments here and I always remind everyone that she has excellent on camera experience. For a long time she was a news reporter here in Baltimore on our local nbc station, she did a great job. 

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I'm a fan of Vanessa.  I follow her on FB and posted a nice comment about how I think she's doing an outstanding job and really enjoy her shows.  She "hearted" my post!  That was nice.  She does a wonderful job describing the item, and her voice is pleasant.  She also has a good sense of humor.  Yay, Vanessa!!