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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

You're right that when someone is wearing overpowering fragrance or cologne, it is a very sensitive subject.  Perhaps if that person is a friend or co worker, you can say that you're allergic to the person's fragrance or cologne.  With regard to myself, if my fragrance had bothered someone in the past (when I used to wear fragrance), I had no problem washing it off with soap and water, such as my wrists (and opening the windows).  I believe that it's just the compassionate thing to do.  I'm very allergic to various scents myself, so I have been on both sides of the spectrum.  Unfortunately, doctor's offices may not follow the rule of no fragrance and cologne, which is a terrible feeling if a staff member wears something that is unbearable. 


Someone mentioned BO (body odor), and just a fyi that I'd noticed that someone trying to cover BO with fragrance only makes the situation worse as well.  On a similar note, I'd had a co-worker that had an ongoing issue with BO (though, *not* using fragrance) of which it caused me to physically gag and feel sick, however, management didn't want to talk with her about it at first (and they instead wanted me to).  I'd talked to this co worker privately and mentioned that she sometimes smelled "sweaty."  However, it wasn't until a teacher had to work alongside that individual and the teacher going to management to let them know that she "couldn't breathe" due to the issue, that management finally spoke to her about the issue, which was then resolved.  My cousin worked in HR (human resources) and unfortunately those issues came up from time to time (re: too much fragrance or BO) and needed to be dealt with appropriately, which I'm sure was not fun - but I believe necessary.

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

@Kachina624 wrote:

When a person uses the same fragrance over a long period, they can no longer smell it, becoming "nose dead" to it, so they use more and more until it becomes intolerable to others.  I had a friend/co-worker that used the stuff that smells like roses.  After years of wear, she smelled overpowering like a greenhouse.  Nobody could stand to sit near her in a meeting. 



This gives me the perfect excuse for my multiple frgrance obsession.


Don't want to go nose dead, over apply and offend others.  Just buy another bottle!  LOL!


Seriously though, I do like to switch scents around often and this is good justification. 

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

@Carolina925 wrote:

@geezerette , I feel the same way about people putting up with my little quirks. Since I never can smell my own perfume, I may be guilty of overdoing it, as well.

The reason people slather on too much perfume is because they can no longer smell it on themselves.  That's why I have more than one favorite.  I have quite a few scents I rotate around. 

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

@KingstonsMom I had to tell my daughter as well.  I could smell her before she even came down our stairs.  LOL!  Her room would smell of the perfume so much I always aired out her room.  It was just too much.  While the fragrance smells great with one sprintz, taking "a bath" in it was just way over the top.  

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance



I did the same thing, once she left the house, I turned on the ceiling fan in her room to air it out, LOL!

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

@JeanLouiseFinch wrote:

@justashopper wrote:

I would find a way to politely or anonymously let the person know.  It's unfair for you or anyone to suffer headaches etc over perfume.


I know someone that was asked by her boss to chill on the perfume.  And this girl was definitely offended.  And took the stance, why should I not wear perfume I like because it bothers her???


I found that response almost as offensive as her stinky perfume.  Sufficed to say, I stay away from this person.  I don't know which stinks worse-- her perfume or attitude. 



But it's ok for you to demand that someone conform for your personal comfort 🤦‍♀️.  Her perfume may be stinky, but your attitude is selfish.  Someone may not like something about you, how you smell, something you wear, something in your lunch looks or smells offensive, etc. Should they demand you to change for their comfort and preferences?  In an office situation, it may come down to a "no perfume" rule that applies to everyone rather than unfairly singling out certain individuals..  

I have asthma, and at times I have had an asthma attack due to unexpectedly coming into contact with someone's strong fragrance lingering in the air.


There are companies/businesses that have an HR rule for no fragrance for anyone, due to these types of problems for those who have allergies or asthma and who may have difficulties being around strong fragrances.


It can be a very serious medical reaction for someone else.


If the fragrance is already in the room/environment where they work, it may not be possible for them to leave the room to get away from it to avoid it, as a physical reaction may have already set in for them and by that time they are  already sensitized to it.


I personally love fragrances, too. I would never want to offend someone with the strength of something that I wear.

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

Back in the 70's - 80's, I had an older co-worker who positively bathed in Germaine Montiel---and then reapplied when she went home for lunch! Mind you, we worked in a large open office (around 50 people large), and if I was in the back, I could smell her come in the front! Nobody ever said anything, but it sure made me conscious of how much I put on.


I rarely wear fragrance anymore, so many are sensitive to it.

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

Kind of on the same page.... Woman Very Happy


My Mother did not like "Charle" and didn't like it on me and said so, so I honestly stopped wearing it.


One day I passed by my Mother in the kitchen and she fans the air and asked me if someone just sprayed for Ants!!!  LOL  ANTS!! We laughed about that for years, and I completely stopped wearing that fragrance when she told me she really didn't like it.... from that day forward that perfume was refered to as Raid by us......


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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

I was once in an elevvator alone, when a man got on at the next floor.  We rode for a while in silence, and then he said, "What is that perfume you're wearing?"  I told him and said, "I'm glad you like it."  And he replied, "Oh, I didn't say that."