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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

@Jersey Born  A lady in exercise class wore Giorgio and I would have sneezing fits. So, I moved far away.

 Then another lady who liked Kimshi (a hot spicy Fermented dish that stays in the system) exercised near me. 
  I joined another gym.

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

@Jordan2  My DH and I are allergic to scent. His Mom is 94 and has always loved strong perfumes. Our eyes water like crazy when we're in her apartment. She gives me new tops she purchased especially for me. However, they have been in her apartment long enough to soak up the scent. I can't even wash it out! But, she is 94, so I'm not going to offend her. The office I worked in had a no perfume rule, but that didn't stop people from using it. Fortunately, I had an office to myself, so that limited the time I had with them.

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

@Jordan2  Yes, a coworker, but luckily they're in another room for the most part.  Every time I smell their cologne, Steve Perry's voice from Journey pops into my head.....Don't Stop Believin' ......."Smell of wine and cheap perfume " 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶 


Then I can't stop getting the song out of my head..... But I don't have the heart to say anything.  ❤

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

When a person uses the same fragrance over a long period, they can no longer smell it, becoming "nose dead" to it, so they use more and more until it becomes intolerable to others.  I had a friend/co-worker that used the stuff that smells like roses.  After years of wear, she smelled overpowering like a greenhouse.  Nobody could stand to sit near her in a meeting. 

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

At work, one person had allergies and we were all (men too) asked to refrain.  It was very nicely done and there were no hard feelings.


Yes I was one of the guilty ones, but have been more careful since.

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

I never told my sweet stepmother.

But I have been on the other end too when once I sprayed some before going into church and one woman kept waving her hand and then moved away an isle. So dramatic!🙄

I felt sorry and bad and embarrassed for having caused some discomfort, esp cause I usually refrained from wearing any. I just thought I might try again, never realizing how strong it was. It wasn't even perfume and I sprayed just a little.

For me I really miss wearing any scent. I don't because so many are sensitive to it.

I don't know what happened to make so many so sensitive to anything.

I miss wearing some and smelling it myself.

So when someone still wears some, even if overwhelming, I don't say anything.A lot can never smell it on themselves unless they put a lot on, never knowing that it may affect others. And I agree they should know this.I never wore any again in church, nor other places either.

I do know there are some who have asthma and things who really can't be around a lot of different smells.

But I also think there are a lot who could reign in the responses.

Like the word "reeks" and waving their hands and things like that.

Not necessary.

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

its fairly common now to see signs in doctors office about wearing fragrance, but IMO most don't really enforce it. 


   i do remember several years, i was in a chemo room full of patients. probably 30, and the gal they put next to me REEKED of Charlie. (remember that one?)  

i complained to the nurse, that i was gonna vomit breathing that in.  couldn't believe in that situation, how anyone would think its ok to drench themselves in purfume before going in for their chemo session. 

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

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Yea, have had the experience with co-workers and  friends . I sneeze  alot when someone wears any perfume with musk  .


I really can'y stand that patcholi  fragrance that women and men  wear  that  is so   strong  that it lingers in the air for a long time- it  gives me a horrible headache !


I was fortunate to have my own office  and did not  have to share work space with someone  in close quarters . I did have to tell my friend that I was really sensitive to perfuses that had musk or rose scent.

Had a teacher who must have dipped her clothes in  White Shoulders - can't stand that smell.

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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

I would find a way to politely or anonymously let the person know.  It's unfair for you or anyone to suffer headaches etc over perfume.


I know someone that was asked by her boss to chill on the perfume.  And this girl was definitely offended.  And took the stance, why should I not wear perfume I like because it bothers her???


I found that response almost as offensive as her stinky perfume.  Sufficed to say, I stay away from this person.  I don't know which stinks worse-- her perfume or attitude. 



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Re: What To Do With An Overwhelming Fragrance

I'll never forget, many years ago, I had purchased a sporty Ralph Lauren perfume for ladies (can't recall the name now), and I thought it had a nice 'fresh' scent. 


One day I was sitting in my cubicle at work, and another girl who worked in my department got off the elevator, right outside my cubicle, and said "Who's wearing bug spray?"  I kept mum but knew she must have not liked my perfume choice.


I never wore the perfume again.  (This really did hurt my feelings as I thought it was a nice cologne.)

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