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Thanks ladies! I'm passing but I've never seen THREE oto- how generous!
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On 12/6/2014 HappyDaze said: For those of us not able to look those up, can anyone be so kind to post what they are?

The volume and shine duo is four products, full size and travel size of both mousse and VTS, in your choice of SAM, POM or LAV.

The WWC kit is the usual three piece offering, 16 oz CC, 2 oz RTM, 1 oz oil.

The kids set is four pieces, a 16 oz CC and 2 oz detangler in Watermelon and a 16 oz CC and a 2 oz detangler in Apple.

Hope that helps!!

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Ordered two of the WWC Trio, and also got the 4oz oil and the WWC replenishment spray duo and decided to finally try the 613 body cream since it's on ez pay today.
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OMG....I am just out of control tonight, everything I have ever wanted to get in WEN, my poor husband is just "pale"....LOL

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hey wenners! i got the oto with the mouse in lavender.

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I needed oil so just sprung forA260090. The 16oz alone is almost $33.00.

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Any concerns about the ingredients in the winter citrus? Some of those essential oils are irritants to the skin. I've read clove oil should not be more than 1% concentration in topical products.

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On 12/6/2014 quadmimi said:

OMG....I am just out of control tonight, everything I have ever wanted to get in WEN, my poor husband is just "pale"....LOL

I'm beyond out of control. Ugh.... I bought all three OTOs, and now I'm pale.
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HappyDaze, I'm working with an iPhone but I've finally gotten the complete listings for them In post #1... It just took a while to do. -- bebeSmiley Happy
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I broke down and ordered the 3pc WWC when I said I would pass previously. I already ordered the 5 piece TSV in seasonals earlier this week and the BGT RTM duo at midnight because of the easy pay & free shipping. I pushed back my BGT TSV from September which will ship later this month. I think I have enough Wen now because my card is smoking right now. Lol