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This fragrance.....TEA TREE.....has got to be the worse smelling WEN product on the market. I am so sorry that I invested in it........I love most of the scents but this one nauseates me. Please tell me that someone else agrees. I'm not a complainer....just had to vent.

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I love tea tree. Love it. Great results for my hair and scalp -- and the scent doesn't bother me in the least. Now, Fig. That's a whole nuther story!

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This is now one of my top favorites. I love the scent and the feel on the scalp is amazing.
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I love everything about Tea Tree: the scent, the results, the name it.

Someone said it smells like Vicks Vapor Rub, but I don't see it.

Get your flu shot...because I didn't.
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Tea tree is one of my favorites. At first I was a little unsure of the smell, but I never hated it. The smell has grown on me and the performance is great. Like islandgrrl, I prefer TT over Fig scentwise.

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I like the smell of tea tree but many many people find it an unpleasant odor.
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I wasn't crazy about the scent when I first started using it. The cc wasn't bad, but the treatment oil drove me crazy, wearing it all night. The scent has grown on me and now I kind of like it. I would suggest you mix it with a different cc. I dislike the scent of fig but like the way it moisturizes. So, I mix it.

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Why not try it as your first quick cleanse then use another CC as your second, longer cleanse? TT smells very similar to other drugstore tea/tar shampoos, and none of those are super delightful in smell either, but TT is really meant as a problem solution not necessarily to make your hair smell like a fruit. I like TT first cleanse for my scalp, followed by POM, SHP or 613 for scent. CA is also really amazing for scalp and smells a lot lighter, although not the best for moisture - TT would be better for that.

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Tea Tree is my holy grail CC. I could use it and only it and be completely satisfied with my results. It is perfect for my hair and scalp's needs. When I first received it, I didn't love the scent, but it grew on me quickly. I now really like the scent, and it's very invigorating for my early morning showers.

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I HATED the scent at first. I put it away for a year before I used it again. But I kept reading about how wonderful it was for your hair and scalp so I forced myself to use it a few times. And guess what? Not only is it the best thing for my hair, I actually like the scent now. I could use just this one formula and be happy.