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Re: WEN Gallons Are Now $256???

@Teddixat wrote:
Wow. That plus shipping and handling and tax is almost $300. Reading the reviews show folks are very unhappy. Plus there seems to be an issue with expired dates. I don’t buy the gallons. I just buy the large size and switch between my favorite seasonal and Tea Tree. Any thoughts


i'm not going to say how many times i read the subject line of your post. i even turned my head sideways to see if i was mistaken.  (smile)


i haven't bought a gallon in years and now i know i won't be buying. it was a struggle when it was less than $200. guess when i run out, i will try the tweak'd brand, as it has natural ingredients also.


i don't recall seeing an expiration date on my gallon bottles. is this something new? i don't think i've purchased a gallon in the last 5 years.

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Re: WEN Gallons Are Now $256???


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Re: WEN Gallons Are Now $256???

The prices for the gallons are now the same as on Chaz' website.  There is no savings with QVC, as there was in the past.

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Re: WEN Gallons Are Now $256???

@Scottie Girl  - There are savings on the gallons when they are presented in June - gallonpalooza month.

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Re: WEN Gallons Are Now $256???

smh...crazy, jmo

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Re: WEN Gallons Are Now $256???

that is just cra-cra. but with that being said, if you don't tell me how i spend my money, i won't tell you how you should spend yours.  it's a choice.

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Re: WEN Gallons Are Now $256???

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Just WOW!  Sorry to all of you who use, and love, WEN. Sounds like one major price jump.  HeartWoman Sad


ETA ~ Hopefully the Q can get some good price deals for you.  A TSV on AD maybe?  Good Luck.

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Re: WEN Gallons Are Now $256???

I use regular shampoo and have healthy hair. I could not imagine buying a. $300 gallon of wen but if you love it and have the $$ for it then knock yourself out. I do love his styling creams. I use half the recommended amount, put a drop of oil in it, on damp hair works wonders even if you air dry your hair.