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Using Foundation and Concealer Question

Ok, I've always seen it written that you should put on foundation (we're talking liquid foundation here) before putting on concealer because if you put the concealer on first the foundation will just dilute and smear the concealer.

I changed over to Bobbi Brown foundation a year or so ago after Lancome discontinued what I was using and I couldn't find a good color match in what they replaced it with. Anyway, when I decided to try the Bobbi Brown concealer they told me to apply the concealer, and then the powder over it to set it and then to apply foundation just up to the point of where I had applied the concealer. This just makes absolutely no sense to me as it seems there would be no way for it to appear seamless. So, currently what I do is apply the foundation, then the concealer, then the setting powder over the concealer, and then finally loose powder all over. So, what to you guys think? What is the current thinking on the order of application?