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The Ulta near me in suburban Las Vegas definitely carries Nars.  I hate to go there, though, because it is an enormous store and always packed.  There are never more than one or two cashiers so it takes forever to pay and leave.  


I hate bad service.  Ordering online solves the long wait issue.

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I like ulta, in general, but it seems like they have pushed aside the more classic brands and now push the trendy lines. the trendy ones have garish colors and look more childish and then there is the "celebrity" lines. cheap looking stuff, in make up. the hair care sections still look good.i go in for the redken, when they have the good sales.

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The stores all vary what they carry. My daughter in Cleveland has an Ulta that opened a few years ago and they carry much more than mine here in Pittsburgh. My Ulta does carry a pretty good assortment of Nars but my Sephora in JCP carries a better selection.

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I love Ulta; no issues with their CS, I think they have a great reward program and they carry just about everything I'm looking for. No, they're not NM or Saks but they carry the bulk of what I and my family use daily.


That said, it's interesting how they decide what stores carry what. My store is located in a high income area and yet, it's a small store. Every time I go in (every few months- I order the bulk online especially when using my rewards), the store has been changed and new products are up and front. Still, we don't carry everything (we do have Nars). The next nearest Ulta is in a low income and known crime area; they close their store at 5 during daylight Savings for fall and then at 8 when it's daylight Savings for spring. THIS store, however, is huge and carries every single product Ulta sells. Why this store and not the one where I live?


I asked the manager and she said it's based on one thing: numbers. This store sells a ton of product. Yes, they have serious issues with crimes (Ulta pays for off-duty county cops to be in their store during operating hours as well as security to walk around the store in plain site) but numbers don't lie; the people in this community must LOVE beauty products and well, there it is. So if your store doesn't have XYZ, it may be that its numbers simply aren't high enough to warrant placing the product there.