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It reminds me of the Twilight series (vampires)  LOL

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No -- not liking this.  Cancel red around the eyes.  Not a healthy look.

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With my gray hair, this is an easy NO for me.


This look would work in movie, theater, broadway, etc.

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Looks like an eye infection.

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Oh my, that is not a good look on anyone.  Young, old or in between!🤣🤣

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If I wore this look my husband would take me to ER, thinking something is wrong. 

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LOL  Ugly.  That is what I looked like when I had an allergic reaction to an eye product I tried!

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@SnowOwl79   Maybe just me, but I've passed on most reddish, pink or sunset orange shades on difficult to wear...dark liner needed to keep from looking like a rabbit or "pink eye".


When it's done in this exaggerated way, most likely it's just for print ads. 

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@monicakm   I wasn't thrilled with Chanel's spring quad w/ yellow, orange, lilac, etc. Yellow is as difficult to wear on the eyes as red.

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@beach-mom   Print ads only. It's not atrtractive on most women. The makeup companies must have run out of ideas. There may be some who see "Chanel", or Tom Ford or CT and assume it's wonderful. Not for me...I use my own judgement even drugstore brands.

@beach-mom wrote:

No. No. No.




 I usually say "not for me." This time I will say "not for anyone." 




@Shanus - Can you think of any situations where models- or anyone- would look good with this "red" look??