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@SurferWife @monicakm  Thank you both for your input. I have been into skin care since I was 18 and love trying different products. I watched a YT video last night on the Naturium line and think I will give it a try. @SurferWife I appreciate that you listed the products you use. What skin type do you have? I think you're quite a bit younger than I am.


I currently use the Tatcha rice polish every day (both blue jar and white) but think I'll order the Wen facial scrub to change things up. 

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Re: Tatcha Has a New Line

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I have dry skin.  One other Naturium item I forgot to mention that I use is the Plant Ceramide Rich Moisture Cream. It wears well under make-up.


I have to say that it was @monicakm  who turned me on to Naturium.  Thanks to her for turning us both on to Naturium!


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