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I received an email advanced TSV order promo for the Tria laser hair removal device. I had ordered this before as a TSV, but had to return it for a reason not mentioned on QVC website or on the on-air presentation.

The booklet that came with the device states. DO NOT USE IF YOU'VE HAD SKIN CANCER.

Trust me, I'd love to be able to use this for a few areas, but I'm a 2-time Melanoma survivor and there's no way I'd take the chance. This info should be addressed online and during the presentation!!!

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I had something similar occur with the NuFace Microcurrent Facial Toning Device. I recall that the instruction booklet stated it should not be used by those with specific heart conditions. Back it went. Would have been helpful to hear this mentioned during the on-air presentation that I watched.

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This information you two have posted should be scrolling across the bottom of the screen during it's presentation. JMO

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People should also be warned that if any of their hair is gray, it will not work on that either.

Say you had some facial hair and some were gray. It might treat the dark hairs, but you would still be stuck with anything blonde or gray.

They kind of talk about skin tones that it won't work on, but not enough on the hair colors it won't.


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wow, I wonder how many are using and don't know? I also wonder why you can't use it if you've had skin cancer? Sounds like something maybe I don't want to use regardless.

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I saw the Tria product for sale at Costco a few days ago. Tria was also for sale last year as well. There are also stand alone Tria products as well.

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I was just so curious about this because I don't remember seeing this at all- that I checked the Tria pamphlet with warnings and risks and they do mention open wounds and such but don't see that exact wording at all. If anybody wants to check there is also a PDF file online. But of course if anyone does have any concern they should contact the company or ask your doctor.

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Wow, that should be discussed many times during the presentation. Also, they need to stress that the Tria will not work on blonde, red or gray hair. They usually blast through that really quick. It's a no go for me, unfortunately.

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I always find with any gadgets or gizmos sold on TV, when you read the enclosed folders at home, there are lots of things they conveniently forgot to mention on the air.

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It may not have been Tria. I was so excited to use the device, but read warning in pamphlet. When I called CS they confirmed what was said in pamphlet. They accepted my return without a problem even though it was over 30 days.

I just think if there are any contraindications for a product they should be mentioned on air and also in written form on the product page.