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this demo is nothing---I'm grossed out when SK shaves her armpits----really!!!!! thank godfrey she doesn't do her bikini line!!!!

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Did Shawn do a demo?  If not, one would think she would have gotten her feet into better shape. She knew the show was scheduled.  Hard to sell products you don't believe in and use yourself. 

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@QVCkitty1are you speaking of the newer one? it's electric/corded , no batteries.

(I think it's pretty new just saw it few days ago on Q and I watch Q a lot) it's eletric  - no batteries? I have a micro pedi and it's good but love POWER ;-) thx!

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I thought they were sanders, not shavers.  At least that is what I would call my Emjoi that I never use.  My feet are cold all the time, so they stay in socks, and I use Healthy Feet on them, and sometimes something with an exfoliant in it.  Keeps them quite soft.