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Hello!! I am searching all over youtube and such to see how to make my thin, high cheekboned face look fuller! I cant find anything. My cheekbones are high and literally cast a shadow making my face look sunken in... PLEASE HELP!





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Re: Help from a makeup artist

Have you gone to Ulta or Nordstroms or Sephora and asked for help? I have found that those ladies are very knowlegable when it comes to that kind of thing. Now they prob aren't make up artists as such, but I bet they would have some ideas. My daughter needed to know what color foundation she should be using from one of the gals from Philosophy at Ulta, and it was a huge success. 

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Re: Help from a makeup artist

@chrise As well intended as suggestions offered on this board or tips you might be able to pick up on social media platforms may be, the best suggestions will come from someone who can see you face in person.  For that reason @wagirl suggestion to go into a store makes a lot of sense to me.  The sales staff at department store counters, Ulta and Sephora aren't makeup artists, but many know a lot about makeup and for the lost can be very helpful.  Also, check with your local department stores to see if they have any special beauty events coming up where makeup artists from some brands will be in-store doing makeovers.  You have to schedule time (and usually a commitment to purchase), but trust me even for old makeup dogs like myself these can be a treat.  My face has been touched by the likes of Robert Jones of Lancome, Holly Mordini (when she was with Smashbox), Carol Shaw (Lorac), Eugenia Weston (Senna), and even Bobbi Brown during such events. The best in-store makeover I've ever had was from a MAC artist.  It was a long time ago and the artist was Philippe Chantal who used to come on HSN with the Ready to Wear brand.  Name dropping aside, the department store makeup events are a great place to learn about applying makeup to and what colors to use on YOU.  

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Re: Help from a makeup artist

@chrise, welcome to the boards!

I would think that you could use the same concept of light bringing things forward and shadow making things recede to do the opposite to the standard way people highlight and contour.  You could try brushing bronzer on the highest part of your cheekbones and a highlighter in the hollows, to bring them out.  Not sure if this would work but it's worth a try.