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@SilleeMee wrote:

I love my Perfecter. Saves me a lot of time to get my hair looking great. If I didn't have it then I would have to blow dry with a round brush. Then use a flat iron to get it to look smooth. Too much work!  I'm so happy to just dry my hair whatever which way then smooth it out with the Perfecter. Looks like have a nice blow-out when I'm done.Woman Happy


Me too...can't live without mine.. I dry first with my Buttercup dryer and smooth out my nearly shoulder length fine slight wavy hair due to gray which I it's frizzy often due to color/highlights. The Perfecter helps SO much with that for me!!

I use the Perfector after to style..can;t say enough about it for my hair.

Have 2 in our shore condo and same 2 at home....that's a good productin my book to buy them. (ebay has zillions!) but I bought mine here and all work fine.

I own the older original models gray colored non-digital, and they are still working great for years now... I have the digital larger barrels too...use both. Looks like a nice blowout like you say afterwards. Funny how people either don't care for it or just plain love it like we do. Every female in my family 4 women and my niece use all like the Perfecter. My mom liked it too when she was here on Earth <3

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I tried the one that was supposed to be used with one hand.  I returned it.  It just didn't work for me.  I did lose my hair due to illness and now that it has grown back, it is just not the same.  The top is extremely fine while the back has become very wiry.  


I did find a perfector at our CVS for much less and it helps with the back of my head.  Nothing works on the front/top.