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Does anyone know how well the new St. Tropez spray tanning machine works & if the refills are available yet?  Also, has anyone heard what sunless tanners the hosts use & prefer?  Shawn & Amy's looks like a natural tan.  Don't want one that's orange or that smells.  Any preferences?

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I have tried tarte and I love it! Does not streak, dries fast, and no smell. I have heard shawn say that she uses them all. She has the various brands in her shows so she has to say that. Tarte, St. tropez, Bare Minerals, and the new vita la ....(don't remember the rest of the name!). They have been in her shows so she swears that she uses them all!! lol

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I didn't care for the St Tropez tanning machine. I was pretty excited to get it but  1) you you have to use a the special lotion and it's different than the usual St Tropez. I don't know if refills are even available and the amount it said to use was way too much and used up a lot of the bottle. 2) While using it, I had to use my hands to even it out and I wasn't prepared to do that  3) I found it difficult to apply, it was streaky and it faded quickly. Even the first day, I didn't like the color. My favorite is Tarte. The color, the lack of smell, the way it lasts. I sent the St Tropez machine back. I was really disappointed that it didn't work.

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I'd stay away from the at home spray machines UNLESS you have someone to spray yourself for you. They are a big pain in the arse! (This also includes the aerosol sprays as well).


For the deepest color go for LOTIONS

For the easiest applications go for MOUSSES

For easiest care for for OILS


I adore Vita Liberata. Their deep lotion gives the darkest color, even darker than the St Tropez deep lotion (which is green btw, very odd).

I like to use St Tropez during the winter because it gives lighter color, and Vita Liberata during the summer for darker color.

You can't find it anymore, but Josie Marans tanning oil is great (no need to exfoliate). St Tropez oil has sparkle in it, which is okay if that's the look you are going for.