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There definitely needs to be a plan in place to receive it by the end of month for the upcoming issue. Some people receive it on time and others late or not at all.


The purpose of The Insider is to have early access to the TSVs and the upcoming schedule of shows. Receiving the issue when the month is nearly over is ridiculous & useless.


CS told me I needed to hand write (not email) the corporate offices to make sure I receive my copy each month. No. It should be handled in house or they just don't get an order from me on items I missed in that issue. A letter to corporate would lay on someone's desk & never be read.



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Yay... Finally got my Insider. And the best part is they have the Northern Nights down comforter I have been waiting for. Yipeeee

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Mine came about 2 weeks ago but I misplaced it. Have looked everywhere and can't find it.

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Mine arrived last week. The new hosts are on the cover.