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Has anyone received their September insider? I usually get mine around the 20th but haven't seen it yet.

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Received mine a few days ago.  Already due to receive today, an order that I placed from that issue.

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I think I received mine last weekend.

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I only received mine yesterday; I think that is the latest in the month I have ever received an issue.  But always glad to get it.

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Hi h@mjd1954 check your account and make sure the New Item, Sneak Peek and offers emails are checked. You will not receive the InsideQ if you opt out for these items. The option could have been unchecked and that is why they stopped coming.

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Alice - Is that for the hard copy in the mail?

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I received mine a few days ago. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. 


I never did request access to it online & should do that. 

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Received it yesterday.

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Re: September Insider

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I received my copy a few days ago. It usually arrives earlier. I'm disappointed because one of the TSVs (LOGO) available for preorder already has my color option on waitlist☹️.

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Still no insider.Smiley Sad