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I saw a funny post where a lady said that restocking all of your skin care at once is not for the weak.


I so agree. Some of my products are pricey. Others not so much. I have finally gotten mine staggered where it isn't such a hit to the wallet all at one time.

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@On It  Exactly! I usually restock when something is getting low. Good thing not everything gets low all at once!

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This topic made me wonder how many bottles of snail snot I'd been thru.  Just ordered my 3rd bottle last month.  Has ANYone been convinced it's a good thing to include in your skincare regimen?


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I checked out snail mucin, and although there are more positive reviews than negative, I'm not tempted to try it. I am staying with my Glow Recipe. It probably is good, but so are many other products. No amount of praise is going to convince me. 


I'm glad it works for you, though. 

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@monicakm ----snail snot---OMG--gave me a chuckle and was a little grossed out----in a funny way , of courseWoman Wink

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It's good stuff.  I even put it on my lips Smiley Happy  You'd be surprised how many beauty products have snail snot in them.