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Re: Request - "Color Tint" Identifying, pls





I'll have to "nail polish experiment" now, for what, (& if),  I can perceive are the r/l effects other than just plain ole, "Clear/transparent'


I'm thinking now, maybe, translucent might have a nicer effect over "fine/chunky" glitter.  But as I've been "nail" "shopping," i didnt know a difference.


Perfect example of:

.........  "I didn't know, what I didn't know"



...   esp for your patience, clarity & time! @SilleeMee   Heart

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Re: Request - "Color Tint" Identifying, pls

You're welcome @MakeUpMaidn 

Good luck with your nail "experiment"! Woman Happy

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Re: Request - "Color Tint" Identifying, pls

Looks like you've already gotten some great responses!


Yes, "X-Ray Vision" is a clear, multi-purpose polish.


I would say "Out of Pistachios" is in the aqua/turquoise range, but definitely leaning green.


Southern Belle looks like a yellow-leaning peach. Tt looks a bit too orange/yellow for me to consider it nude. But "nude" is very subjective, depending on one's skin color.


It should be possible to find an opaque blace polish with a good formula.White is a bit trickier. Most will take more than one coat. And many (even) most formulas are a bit difficult to work with.


I'm useless at recommending cheaper polishes. Not because there aren't excellent ones out there. I just had to narrow the purchase field down. I haven't bought a drugstore/mainstream polish in years; and only a very few boutique/private label.


I buy all my polishes online. Honestly, one of the most difficult things was learning to interpret the color and special ingredients I was seeing on my screen. Some colors are very trick to phograph. Every screen shows colors a bit differently. Plus, even tho doing there best to show colors accurately, those providing the images are also trying to emphasize the special characteristics of the polish. This can require the use of special lighting. Polishes can look totally different depending on lighting.


I would definitely try the "X-Ray" and see if it does what you want it to. Depending on how chunky the glitter is, you may need two or more coats. If you find it's not working for you, there are special top coats for that purpose. I'm not sure if they've made it to mainstream world, but us indie polish lovers have had them available for years. I would say that most of us top our nails with a layer of regular, quick-dry top coat once we have the glitter smoothed out.


Ok I"ll shut up now.


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Re: Request - "Color Tint" Identifying, pls

@MakeUpMaidn  You might want to experiment with a "matte" top coat. Again I think it's fairly standard to apply a layer of regular top coat first. Supposedly helps with the wear.


Quick lesson, BASE COAT is formulated to adhere to the nail and provide a surface tor the polish to adhere to. Some are formulated to be "sticky." They can also be formulated to help prevent staining, to smooth out nails with ridges and/or to "blur" the smile line for those of us with opaque/white nail tips (helps to minimize the nail line when wearing less opaque polishes).


TOP COAT is formulated to adhere to polish and protect it, helping the mani last longer. Many/most also have an ingredient to help protect the polish from fading/changing color due to light exposure. There are fast drying and quick drying variations. They also come in matte, glitter grabbers (to smooth out "hungry" glitters), ones containing fine (often holo) glitters, etc. There's even one formulted to use over magnetic polishes. Some work best with a layer of regular top coat either under them or over them.


Polishes with multiple functions are likely to work just fine for most people. I just have enough dedicated  polishes that I've had no reason to experiment.