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received mine and I love it - very happy. First time to try product. Question for Ladies who know this product - do you use the Argan oil as a moisturizer under the liquid foundation? Not sure have been using my regular moisturizer but wondered about using the oil which I have been using only at night. Thankyou for any help.
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I've tried using the 100% Oil different ways. I have combo/oily skin & I love the Oil. I can't use it under my foundation, but it may work for drier skin. I've used it to remove makeup, under Argan Milk, over Argan Milk, etc. Use it different ways & see how you love it best!

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I use the Argan oil at night. Experiment with it, and see how it works best for you. Enjoy your new kit.
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I have her tinted moisturizer with SPF which I've been using under the foundation. Because my cheeks have been so dry lately I dabbed a little argon oil on them. The foundation went on smoothly & so far I am loving the TSV. Only thing I'm not wild about is the color stick's menthol smell.
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I have dry skin so I can use the oil under my make up or I can add it to my make up.
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Use all her products, especially in the winter as I have middle aged, dry, sensitive skin. Cleanse with her cleansing oil or balm, then use the Argan milk, then the oil then a light moisturizer. 2-3 drops of oil is enough for your whole face and neck, and I also find it best if I can let all that sink in before I do my foundation. I try to give it 15 min. (usually have my coffee in the morning) I like a semi dewy finish to my skin, and this method gives me that. I conceal my dark circles with her chubby stick and set it with bye bye pores finishing powder from IT cosmetics. Lasts all day at work with just a little touch up after lunch. Love her products, LOVE this kit and I hope you have fun with it!

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Using the oil under foundation depends on your skin and foundation. If you have very dry skin, you can try the oil under the JM foundation. If you have combo or oily skin, you should probably stick to a regular moisturizer or maybe try it on days when you might be dry because of the environment. Sometimes I use the oil only in places I am dry and then apply foundation, but most days I skip the oil during the day.