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I, too, am so sorry to read of Nick Chavez' passing.  I always enjoyed his shows and purchased his products.   I loved how he was a family man with his mom and sister as on air models.  

There is another star shining in the skies.  May his memory be a blessing.  

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May he Rest In Peace.  He had so much energy, and I enjoyed his shows.  He was always joyful, and he seemed to love this staff, family, QVC hosts, models and customers.  Prayers for his family and friends.  Nick, you will be missed.  He just reminds me of the special, old Q days!   

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So sad to hear of the passing of Nick Chavez - I thought he had gotten better, didn't know it was pancreactic cancer, horrible. At the end of Vanessa's show tonight, she made a comment & showed clips of his various clients & years at the Q, so sad especially so close to Christmas. RIP Nick you are already missed.

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I'm so sad at hearing this.  I always thought he seemed like such a lovely person.  

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I have chills and tears,

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Prayers his soul is at peace and for those that were his mighty companions in life 

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ThankYou Nick for so many wonderful years watching you on QVC and using your products. The world lost a beautiful soul ❤️😢

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There is another thread about Nick's passing.  He was a true gentleman.  Condolences to his dear family and friends.  Rest in peace, Nick Chavez.

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I am so sad to hear this,i did not know he had cancer.

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