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Question about IT primer serums

Would someone please tell me the difference between IT's spa serum, and the no. 50 anti-aging serum.....I'm in my 60's, and don't wear a lot of make-up but would like a more finished look.

Thanks so much!

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Re: Question about IT primer serums

I looked at the descriptions and ingredients on the IT website, and it looks to me like the main difference is fragrance. The Sensory Awakening serum primer (what Jaime refers to as a "spa in a bottle") has fragrant essential oils at the top of the ingredient list.

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Re: Question about IT primer serums

I have, use and like both.

The No 50 anti-aging collagen veil primer, looks like a white lotion. For me it's a good all around primer, has a smooth silky slip, leaves my skin smooth and provides a good base for foundation.

The Feel the moment anti-aging ultra hydrating sensory awakening primer serum, looks like a clear thick gel/serum. This one is very hydrating. I use 1 -2 drops for my face and neck. After applying, I brush my teeth to allow time for the product to absorb into skin. You need very little of this product and you have to allow time for your skin to absorb this product. The Feel the moment does have a distinct fragrance which dissipates. If you are sensitive to fragrances this product might not be for you.

If you have the opportunity and access to an Ulta store I would go there and try the products. At Ulta the No 50 is $48 and Feel the moment $38.

bnf46, If you have further questions feel free to ask.

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Re: Question about IT primer serums

I used the "No. 50" for awhile and liked it. It was kind of pricey, though, and I ended up finding a replacement in a Korean primer that works well for me and is about a fourth of the cost. I did not like the "Feel the Moment". It has a very strong botanical scent and too greasy feeling for me.