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I love Renewed Hope in a Jar and Help Me, but how can I get SPF coverage included in this combination?

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Hi Carolyn

I have not tried Renewed Hope yet. I do use Help me (sometimes) and When Hope is Not Enough, HIAJ and HIAJ Night and HIAJ eye and lip cream. Also the peel pads.

Anyway, I always use, everyday, last thing before I put on makeup, The Supernatural Poreless Flawless SPF 15. If you are looking for a philosophy SPF product, this is the one I would recommend.


<h1 class="refreshDesc">|philosophy supernatural poreless flawless spf 15 skin perfector</h1>
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<h1 class="fn">philosophy supernatural poreless flawless spf 15 skin perfector</h1>

QVC Price:


Shipping & Handling: $4.47

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Kiehls sells an SPF only product that you add to your favorite moisturizer.