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Perricone Neuropeptide presentation.

Dana is applying this cream on the model, and I'm amazed at the way she pulls and tugs at the model's skin. That can't be good, no matter what skin care you're using. 

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Re: Perricone Neuropeptide presentation.

I so agree!    I'm not watching today but when Dana pulls down on the face - I cringe and have to turn the channel.  A Beauty Counselor told me as a young teenager to never never pull down - it's up and out to the outer eye.  I sometimes question how trained these vendor reps are.   I cringe just thinking about her demos.  Today you would never guess my age - it's up and out!  (smile)

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Re: Perricone Neuropeptide presentation.

The good news is that the product does work quite well and there's no need to pull down on your own face,  It's not at all like some of the drugstore products I've tried that are way too thick to spread easily.


I'm not watching the presentation because I have all the Perricone I intend to buy for the next 2 years already on AD, but I do think I've seen others make the same remark and I was watching then and never saw what I thought was tugging.  Sorry to hear it again.  Glad I do my own applications!

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Re: Perricone Neuropeptide presentation.

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