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Perricone Acne?????

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I usually have super clear skin.  I never wear make up & usually use Tatcha to cleanse & use Josie Maran Light Oil to moisturize.  I just bought the last Perricone TSV & am noticing acne after using it?  I was wondering if anyone else experiences anything similar?  Thanks!  XOXOXOXO

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Yes, I purchased the Cold Plasma and one of the daytime moisturizers and I got little bumps on my cheeks.  I stopped using immediately.  I tried it a couple years ago also and the same thing happened.  I thought this time I would give it another chance.  I won't spend the money on it again.  I use Tula now and really like it.

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I've heard said " it's drawing out impurities is your skin". Whether it is true I Don't know. 

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I have used Perricone for 14 years.  Never an issue with any of the line.


Sorry this happened to you.  Everyone's skin is different, I guess.