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Monday,  10/15 Perlier has a TS on HSN and also some special pricing on other items.   I've been using Perlier since they were on QVC many, many, many years ago.

The TS today is a good value and available in quite a few fragrance options.   Also the 20 piece mini hand cream set is at a special price.  That gives us a chance to try some of the fragrances we may not be familiar with. And the 1 oz sizes are perfect to carry in my cosmetic case now that the weather is turning colder.

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I used to use several of their scented products. I found some of the scents have changed. Now, I'm down to just the Shea Butter Sweet Almond. I bought the 3 Liter Bath and shower Gel set, last night. I wait for this time of year to buy it. If they have any more of the Banana cream, I'm going to order some and give them as gifts for the holidays. I bring them to my friends homes when we visit. They all love that cream.

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I wonder how that hyaluronic gel is??
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I ordered the gel. It was $50 off on 2 bottles and with holiday returns in effect I figured how could I go wrong. Hoping it works.



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I have used Perlier White Almond for years.  I bought the big jug today -- it lasts over a year using it almost every day.  So, it's a bargain on sale.


I also will buy a few of the TS sets to use as gifts for my housekeepers.  I've cut way back on my purchases as I just don't use all that much anymore.  But, I do love many of their scents.

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I didn't get the TS, but I did order two sets of the honey/lavender shower cream and lotion.  I really like their products.   Not too much into their skincare though.  

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I like their products but usually get them at tjmaxx or Marshall’s 

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I did get the TS and the mini-hand creams.  I'm debating the 3 ltr jug of shower cream.   It's a great buy,  but I don't have room for it in the shower and find transferring to smaller containers means I spill a lot of product.  As much as I crave the deal,  I'm better off with smaller sizes.

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I've tried a few of the skincare line  that did nothing---also just threw away a bunch of fragrance by them too. Their stuff is ok but doesn't thrill me.