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I see their ads a lot. Would love your thoughts if you have used it. Thanks and hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful holiday. Love our vets. I'm a former Navy mom. Our daughter served for 4 years. 

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I had a conversation about Osea with a Nordstrom sales associate.  Small eco conscious clean beauty company that made it big. I bought their algae body oil. It's pricey but very nice. I would love to try more of their products.

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Removed my comment after doing more research. Obviously I was thinking of another  company.  My apologies.

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The only thing I've tried so far is the Vagus nerve oil.  I have very frequent panic attacks and this really helps.  I will be trying some of their body oils soon. 

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I am on my second bottle of the Undaria Algae Body Oil and really like it. Unlike any other oil I have used, this one actually gets absorbed rather than sitting on the surface of the skin, like most oils. (Note, I can't and don't use any Argan oils as I find them greasy and messy.) This product also has a slight tightening effect due to the algae. Try a sample if you get a's really something different as far as oils go!