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Does anyone use Origins Products?

It was the very first Organic type brand of products I ever used and ordered from their website.


They still get good reviews but I have moved on to Skinn mostly.

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I used to use their ginger fragrence

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I miss my Origins Malt lip pencil so bad.  Cannot even find on eBay anymore.  Used origins since it turned up in our Dillard's back in the early 90's.  Next favorite item is the Never a Dull Moment exfoliater.  Wonderful line but just do not use as many items now as I did when I was younger. 

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I currently use their mascara.  When they first started off in retail, I used their moisturizer but they ended up discontinuing it and came out with expensive alternatives.  I sometimes purchase their Ginger Souffle body cream and other scents of body creams (they are wonderful).  Cat Very Happy

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Origins makes some my favorite masks: Out of Trouble, Clear Improvement, and Drink Up/Drink Up Intensive. I've been using Origins masks since the 90s and keep returning to them.

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I like their No Puffery depuffing eye gel. Also Modern Friction is a very good scrub.