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That happened to me with a time limited Wen product. I called UPS and they researched it and told me to call QVC. QVC gave me a refund on the spot.

Get your flu shot...because I didn't.
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I have never had a package show delivered either on QVC, HSN or the UPS site when it has been handed off to USPS for delivery. My tracking info will say that it was transferred to the local post office for delivery.

As others have said, go the UPS tracking directly and see what it says and then contact UPS. My UPS delivery person has a bad habit of delivering my packages to the house 2 streets behind me that has the same house number.

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On 12/22/2014 MarenSeattle said:

I've also read where UPS puts the package(s) somewhere if you're not at home or if yu don't answer. One person said she found it a long time later on her back porch (or something like that) where she never went. So that may have happened?

I think you should notify UPS if it's not in your begonias :-)

That was me. UPS has also scanned an item that it was delivered and I get it the next day. The post office does the same thing.
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Hello, Katluvr?


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On 12/23/2014 MarenSeattle said:

Hello, Katluvr?


Hi lady!!! Figures it would happen to me, right. I contacted QVC and they offered to resend or refund. I guess it is a common problem. They were inexpensive and small so who knows where they ended up. I did check the bench we have on the porch since UPS often leaves packages there.

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I had this happen TONIGHTSmiley Happy The system was down when I went to check status and the rep said it was delivered to my porch. Three items. No doorbell rang, dogs didn't bark, sigh. She was very quick to offer a refund or reorder. I said reorder because these were not for a gift. FAST FORWARD...It was delivered 1 1/2 hours later with the doorbell ringing and dogs barking. The CS rep said there were tech difficulties on their end.

Hope you get your items. I was so happy to call them back and let them know I had the items.

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Well I just tracked a package from Fed-Ex which says it was delivered to my front porch yesterday afternoon. No such package was there, so either sent to a wrong address [would like to think my neighbors who know me would give it to me] or it was stolen. I did have a JCPenney & HSN package. Hmmm, no one wants bras? Or SSC's surprise box? But cake balls from Swiss Colony? Oh yeah, now we're talking. The odd thing is that Fed-Ex & UPS always leave my packages at the back door which can't be seen from the street & I have a closed gate with a private property, no trespassing sign. Only the mailman leaves things on the front porch or rammed into my mailbox [which is out front].

I'm going to ask that all future shipments be put at my back door.

On the positive side, I REALLY don't need those cake balls {#emotions_dlg.blush}.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating at this time of year.

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I had four packages not show up from HSN but show delivered on their tracking status but not which shipper was used. I called HSN to find out how they were shipped so I could do some tracking on my end but HSN just chose to reship all 4 and I got those within a few days. No questions asked, just quick and fast action on HSN's part.