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Re: Next Month Hair Trend😀

Oh, DEAR GUSSIE!  That will be me!  I REFUSE to take matters into my own hands. There are certain things in life I leave up to the professionals!

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Re: Next Month Hair Trend😀

@lynnie61 wrote:

My hair salon called me today to change my April appointment to May 4.  I’m praying salons in PA will be open by then, but not if we are still at risk.  So it will be like 10-11 weeks for me by then.   We are all in the same boat.  If I wasn’t blonde, I would try it myself.  I did do my own hair coloring when I was a brunette.  Blonde, no way.  I’ll be really grey by then.

I am in PA too and I seriously doubt that they will open that soon. The number of cases keeps increasing daily. Governor Wolfe has said that schools and non essentials are closed indefinitely. That indefinitely part has me thinking it's going to be a slow process. I also have blonde highlighted hair and will not attempt to try to color it. In fact, I was talking to my nail tech who owns the salon where I go and she said don't do it. Just let it go until they open up. 

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Re: Next Month Hair Trend😀

@Tricolor   just wishful thinking, I’m also doubting it too!  Maybe June.  With increased cases it’s not sounding promising.

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Re: Next Month Hair Trend😀

My area is looking more like June also.  I have plenty of time to play with coloring my hair...trying to put a positive here.  At least I can possibly teach myself how to color my own hair....a good skill to have in future times....and as for cutting it well that's not gonna happen except for tiny bang trim.  


Come to think of it I always thought about growing bangs out and see how I feel about that....might just do that instead.  




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Re: Next Month Hair Trend😀

I am able to cut my own hair and have hair color, so can continue to look my beautiful self. Cat TongueCat LOL

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Re: Next Month Hair Trend😀

Lol. That was me today.. It was REALLY getting to me My appt is mid April and that is definitely not happening as we are in Stay At Home Conditions statewide. So I cut my bangs and colored  my own. Thank you L'Oreal! I did Champagne blonde. Not bad. Much improved from the grow out. I may make this a regular thing. Growing my hair out.