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Re: New Colourpop Palette...Surprise!

@monicakm had to chuckle at your description of e/s palettes are like Lays potato chips.  I liken them to getting a brand new box of 64 crayons - that moment of anticipation and then opening that box and seeing all those beautiful colors.  All sharpened and pretty and "oh my where do I start?!"  I remember as a child being so excited about a new box of crayons.  When I would open it, I'd just sit and look at it for a bit cuz it looked so beautiful and the possibilities were endless.  


Believe it or not, I was thinking the other night that I am happy with the makeup I have.  Esp after receiving the Taupe It Up palette.  Thought I am just going to leave things as they are for now & enjoy what I have - have nice blushes, like the bronzers I have, the e/s palettes, lippies, foundations, etc. Then, it happened - was watching an Emily Noel video and she talked about the TARTE holiday set of 4 blushes and a highlighter and how nice it was that they were small so you could try out a variety of colors and that the quality was good.  I have liked Tarte blushes for years.  Haven't purchased yet, however,..... 



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Re: New Colourpop Palette...Surprise!



Ohhh, I like your description better Smiley Happy

On my way to watch Emily Noel's video! But I'm not buying!  Am

going to look into buying this tho.  Sounds good


I DO like all my makeup (AND skincare) and am very happy with

the choices I've made.  I just need more places to go so I can use 

more of it (g)  May be going out tonight and have a family soiree

tomorrow Smiley Happy