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Re: wife beater shirts. I’m pretty sure in the movie w/ Marlon Brando where he yells “Stella”, he’s wearing that type of tank top. Having a senior moment & can’t remember name of movie. 😏

Streetcar Named Desire!!

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I don't care if men or women show off their feet as long as they are clean, well groomed/taken care of feet.


What I don't like is armpit hair hanging out while I'm eating. Nope, I don't (male or female). Same with chest hair and extreme boobage. Which is why, even at the beach, when you come to the table to eat, you put on a shirt. 

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"Streetcar Named Desire, A" Wardrobe test for Marlon Brando 1951 Warner Brothers / **I.V.



I've always heard those called 'muscle shirts'...or just tank tops. Never heard it called 'wifebeater'...what an aweful word and a graphic one at that.


might have been the '80s when they were termed "wifebeaters" because that's when they started being worn again and on the street. before that they were mostly just worn as undershirts?


Hot Men who were ripped and tan wore them with gold chains and medallions... they used to come into the bank where I worked. Eye candy

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@VeneziaMany of us know what "beaters" are. That does NOT, repeat does NOT, mean we come from a background of wife beaters as you implied. What a nasty thing to say!

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OK--let's be serious---NO ONES feet are things of beauty!!!! If a guy takes care of his feet, why shouldn't he show them off in sandals---I have been trying to get my hubs in for a pedi but he won't go. He is on his feet all day as a const. super and they are beat up stuck inside work boots. He would love the whole process if he could go somewhere manly-----

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There is a business idea if I've ever heard one. How about a men's mani pedi shop with tv's where the guys could watch sports and get their pedis and manis. The pedicurists and manicurists could wear referee shirts and the whole thing would feel more comfortable to the men than going to a woman's shop.



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I have seen gnarly feet on men and women and it is SO gross! Honestly if your feet are gross please do us all a favor and dont wear sandals or flipflops!

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If you think that's bad, I live in the hot southeast and every summer men wear shorts.

All ages, mostly knee length khakis.


So not only do I have to see ugly feet, I have to see their ugly, hairy legs.

Wear your sandals, flip flops and shorts in your own back yard.


Magnum PI maybe.


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I don't worry about other people's feet, men or women.

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Most of the men I know seem to lack the body shame gene. I envy them!

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