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@software wrote:

If you think that's bad, I live in the hot southeast and every summer men wear shorts.

All ages, mostly knee length khakis.


So not only do I have to see ugly feet, I have to see their ugly, hairy legs.

Wear your sandals, flip flops and shorts in your own back yard.


Magnum PI maybe.


this was the era, that hairy men and mustaches were considered sexy.  Body hair on men, i believe has gone out of favor with younger women.  Men getting waxed just makes me chuckle.  Backs, legs, and other areas, all hair free. Thats just not normal.

Glad i'm old school, I'll keep my hairy beast of a hubby.

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@AmericanBulldogMom wrote:

To each his own on what footwear you choose to wear - men and women both!


As for the “wife beater” term that has some undies in a bundle on here....if you’ve ever seen the show “Cops” you know that every domestic abuse call the cops showed up to had the man wearing the typical white tank commonly worn under a button down shirt by men.  Hence the name “wife beater” given to this style tank top. Not worth another thing to be offended over. 🙄😏 (And no, you don't need to live in this type of “area” to be aware of this term. Ugh!!)

@AmericanBulldogMom, mostly the guys aren't wearing a shirt over the sleeves tee. In fact, on "Cops," the viewers are lucky if the guy is even wearing the tank.


The "wife beaters"  label has been around a long time. It is not a literal reference but more one  to a certain strata of society.

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My DH wears sandals all the time. He has much better looking feet than most ladies. He gets his nails cut by the nail tech at the podiatrist.She cuts them & files them. He has no calluses. Unfortunately, his good looking feet have painful neuropathy and he often says he wishes he could take them off. He gets his sandals from Clarks and they are that fisherman style men like.

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@StephaniM wrote:

I went to dinner a few times with a man and had a lovely time.  The next time we saw each other was for a casual lunch, he wore sandals.  That was it for me.  I never accepted another invitation from him again.



Sounds like a very immature and unintelligent thing to judge a person for.

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@FranandZoe wrote:

@Venezia wrote:

@insomniac2- Thanks for the explanation.  I guess I don't come from a background of "wife beaters"  - thank God!  Woman Frustrated



Like many many things you don't have to have wife beaters in your background to be aware of them.  


@FranandZoe- Perhaps.  But I stand by what I said - I have never heard this used to describe any article of clothing!


I'm well aware that there are men who are abusive.  That's a different subject altogether.

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I love this thread, everything about it

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Re: Men's Feet? Yay or Nay?

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@Love my grandkids wrote:

@VeneziaMany of us know what "beaters" are. That does NOT, repeat does NOT, mean we come from a background of wife beaters as you implied. What a nasty thing to say!

@Love my grandkids- Oh please!  It wasn't nasty at all and not directed at anyone in particular.  I just think it's a nasty term for a piece of inanimate clothing.


Sorry to have offended you, but you're inferring something I didn't imply.


This whole thread is getting ridiculously off-track.

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Ugly feet do not discriminate -- they can belong to women and men.  Anyone that wears open sandal shoes should take care of their feet period.  I have seen many sights of bad feet and they were all women!   Cat Tongue

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Whenever possible, I am pro men having feet. So yay. If said man can walk on said feet or even dance, even better. If he can't, he probably wishes bunions in flipflops were his biggest problem.


I do think many of us would be happier wearing blinders out in public or the aforementioned giant pet cone or a huge elizabethan ruff. Of course doing so would annoy a whole different set of people.

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Some men have ugly feet but then again, some women have ugly feet... My personal view is that even the most well maintained feet are not particularly appealing, regardless of whether they're a man's or a woman's... Sorry, but I don't find anybody's toes particularly attractive...

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