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Does anyone get the results that they show when demonstrating mascara? I ordered IT's newest after seeing Jamie apply which transformed her 'flat' lashes. The results they show are not what I'm getting! The blond girl they use that has "spider legs" (first time my husband saw that he nearly croaked) lashes that go up to her eyebrows is a length I've not been able to achieve no matter how many times I reapply. What is the secret? I'm spending a ton on different ones to no avail. HELP!

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I tried the IT mascara and sent it back. It was way below drugstore brands. Just awful. I have lashes and this was one of the worst mascaras I've ever tried.

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Try a mascara primer. I like the one by Estée Lauder...apply, let dry, then put on mascara...make sure you let it dry a bit before applying mascara...I find it helps build length.
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I think what's really helped my lashes is Careprost.

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My lashes are a joke---sparse and short and stick straight--had chemo and lost all my hair so this is how they are now. I do put on a clear mascara first before and that seems to help thicken them up. If your eyes aren't sensitive, go to Target and buy Elfs brand for only $1.00 That way if it doesn't work it's just a $1 and not $25.

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Many of the QVC models are using lash serums to get lashes that long - Latisse, CareProst, or RapidLash. I used RapidLash for a few months and actually had to trim my lower lashes because they got so long. Those serums also tend to give lashes some curl, so that's also a part of the look that's not caused by the mascara they are wearing.

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No and that's probably why magazine ads and demos on tv always have that tiny disclaimer that says something about false eyelashes used to demonstrate the product and results aren't typical etc., etc. I just stick with my tried and true mascara, Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes. It volumizes and lengthens my lashes. I've been using it pretty much exclusively for at least 4 years. Used to use Lancome before that.

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they all use fake lashes or extensions