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Re: Mascara Recommendations

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Many mascaras will flake or smear because an eyelash primer was not applied first. I found once I did that, my mascara didn't flake or smear.

I use Lancome CILS Booster XL as the primer and I really like the Definicils mascara Lancome makes and my 2nd/3rd choices are the Hypnose Drama or Doll Lashes mascara also made by Lancome.

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Another vote for Lancome Defincils. Overall best mascara on the market IMO. 

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I've experimented with a lot of different mascaras and I'm finding the expensive ones aren't that much better than the cheap ones, to make them worth the extra expense.  I keep returning to Jordana Best Lash Extreme (black tube w/purple lettering - available at Walgreens).  I also like Physician's Formula Lash Extensions kit.

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Re: Mascara Recommendations

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I just started using 3D fiber lashes mascara by Younique and I love it.... unfortunately, can't advertise here.....but maybe you can find a way to purchase it locally.....

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I like Clinique mascaras and CoverGirl Clump Crusher. I have to use waterproof mascara to avoid raccoon eyes because the heat and humidity here make everything else super smudgey.

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Maybelline Full 'N Soft washable formula is the only one I'll use.

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I agree with JustJazz that a primer is imperative.  I like a primer/lash builder and love Prescriptives then I apply my favorite mascara over it and it never, ever flakes or ends up dark under my eyes.  My current fav mascara is Eyeko London Black Magic.  It is dark and rich and yet doesn't flake or wear off.   

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Ladies who have trouble with flaking and smearing - try a clear lash top coat like Clarins Double Fixe Mascara or Anastasia's Lash Genius.  Then you can wear whichever mascara you like!

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I could run off a long list of mascaras which I truly believe are very good. However, if someone tells me they are fed up with being disappointed with the ones they have purchased and are looking for one which doesn't flake, wears well, and is my favorite,  I too would say don't stop until you reach a Lancome counter to buy Definicils.  


No matter what other mascaras I may try (and like) I always keep a tube of Definicils in my makeup case.  It is my all around favorite mascara.  I'd also add that Laura Geller's Black Mascara Primer is a nice add-on.  Because it's black it can be worn alone for it's conditioning properties, but as a primer it raise a mediocre mascara up to good.