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Do any of you have a mascara that you love?  I would love to find one that does not flake off and does not smear.  I also would love to use one that lasts for more than an hour or two.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

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I really like Tarte's lights, camera, lashes and use that most often.   Mally in the white tube is also good.   Surprisingly,  Wet N Wild max volume plus is also pretty good!   I got it yesterday in a Target beauty box and tried it today.   It didn't clump,  gave me volume and didn't flake or smudge.   it was hot and humid here today and I was outside this morning and my face was sweaty.   My mascara did not smudge at all.   I didn't have high expectations, but it definitely met my mascara qualifications!   I have no idea if it's difficult to remove since I haven't washed my face yet. 

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Currently I am loving these:

  • Too Faced "Better than S......x"
  • Too Faced "LashGasm"
  • YSL "Babydoll"
  • Buxom "Lash Mascara"
  • Lancome "Hypnose"
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I've tried so many...drug store and high end. I'm not sure if you want your lashes long and separated or volume. I prefer mine long, separated and black and my holy grail for over 10 years is Lancôme Definicils. I also use the Lancôme Booster Primer sometimes when I want them a little more dramatic.
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Another vote from me for Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes (Splashes for the waterproof version). I ventured to try Bobbi Brown's and IT's but returned to Tarte after a few months. 

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The best mascara I have used is MAC.  I've always had problems with racoon eyes & flaking.  Not with MAC's mascara.  Price point is pretty good too.

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I was literally about to pose the same question! I, too, am looking for a mascara that really plumps up my lashes without giving me that raccoon look by lunchtime. I'm an IT junkie, but the mascara gets such low ratings. I was just reading about the Tarte mascara, but the reviews are all over the place on that one, too. Are there any that get consistent 4 & 5 star ratings?
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I have 3 favorites. Mac In Extreme Dimension, Jordan Best Lash Extreme & Milani Funway Lashes. I also, like Mac False Lashes. I always use Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base first & then use 1 or more of these mascaras over it.

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Benefit Roller Lash! 

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Blinc is the only mascara for me. It wears like iron and doesn't bother my eyes.